Best Companies for Stability and Reliability in the Marketplace

In a tough economy, job seekers need employers that will be there for them for the long haul. Here are the best companies for stability and reliability in 2022.

When choosing a company to work for, it’s important to consider whether or not it’s built and prepared to weather any storms on the horizon, particularly an economic downturn. No one wants to be caught in a mass layoff or see their offer letter rescinded. In today’s climate, with recession fears and rising interest rates, many companies are shedding jobs. But there are still some great companies out there that are stable and hiring for the long term.

What Makes a Company Stable and Reliable?

There are a few key indicators that can help you tell whether or not a company is built to last in terms of job security.

First, take a look at the company’s financials. Are they in good shape? Do they have a history of weathering tough times? This information is usually readily available online.

Next, consider the company’s business model. Is it diversified? Is it focused on one particular industry that might be particularly vulnerable to an economic downturn?

Finally, think about the company’s culture. Do employees seem to stick around for the long haul? Is there a strong emphasis on work-life balance and wellness benefits? These are all good signs that the company is stable and cares about its employees — even in tough times.

Best Companies For Stability and Reliability

Of course, no company is ever 100% immune to economic challenges. However, there will be some businesses that are better prepared than others, and that’s because they not only manage their finances well but they also take very good care of their people. Here are some of the best companies for stability and reliability in the marketplace today:


Axon is a leading provider of body-worn cameras and digital evidence management solutions for law enforcement, military, and civilian agencies worldwide. The company has a long history of financial stability, and its products are used by some of the most respected organizations in the world.

 Most recently, Axon second quarter financial results reflect continued momentum throughout the business, including notable across-the-board strength in new product adoption. Revenue growth year-over-year was driven by strong demand for Axon Cloud SaaS solutions, Axon Body 3 and Axon Fleet 3 systems, and our TASER 7 platform. Revenue from new SaaS products — such as productivity solutions, real-time operations, Axon Air, ALPR and VR — nearly tripled year over year, highlighting our ability to drive customer adoption of our new software solutions. We also executed against several key priorities in the quarter that position us well for future growth — including deepening our relationships with key partners and strategically investing to build out the Axon Ecosystem.

It’s clear. Global demand for Axon products means we are growing exponentially. We need our employees to grow with us. That’s why we’re hiring more than 1,200 new team members this year, building learning and development programs and investing in our amazing humans who help us each step of the way.

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Desert Financial

Desert Financial Credit Union is one of the best companies for stability and reliability in the marketplace. They believe in the investment of their people, offering a Total Rewards package designed at keeping employees and their families healthy and enjoying life.  

 Desert Financial is a company founded by educators with a passion and commitment to continuous development and training. Additionally, Desert Financial has a longstanding legacy of helping underserved communities by connecting them with tools, resources, services, and products to promote financial empowerment and security. Their hiring practices encourage the recruiting of diverse talent representing a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and education. They strive to foster a culture of belonging and collaboration, with a strong emphasis on social responsibility. 

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The pandemic tested Achieve in many ways. The company quickly shifted gears to a remote-first workforce and instituted policies to support employees during an uncertain time. The health and safety of their employees remain top priority. They also added new benefits like mental health support and enhanced its wellness offering.

 Despite the challenges, Achieve maintained hiring momentum, increasing their headcount by 18% in 2022 and posting a 45.67% rise in net income in 2022 compared to when the pandemic started. The company plans to continue this growth in 2022 and beyond, with a focus on growing their client service and sales teams, allowing them to help and service more clients.

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KUBRA is a fast-growing technology company that has been delivering cutting-edge billing and payment and customer communications solutions to some of the largest utility, insurance, and government entities in North America for 30 years. KUBRA’s unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction stems from its belief that happy and engaged customers and employees are the backbones of a stable organization.

While an established company, KUBRA is still small enough to allow individuals to flourish, yet large enough to provide long-term stability. KUBRA offers a casual work environment with many hybrid/remote positions to meet the needs of today’s employees. Competitive compensation and benefits programs, extensive mental wellness support, and an enviable array of tools to promote employee growth also help to support its employees. The result is a reliable formula that perfectly balances the company’s needs with employee happiness.

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Upgrade holds the reputation for being a great place to be employed amidst economic ups and downs. While the company has only been around for six years, it has weathered several storms and has built a strong and lasting foundation. During the pandemic, Upgrade continued to hire and even expanded its workforce. The company has been able to keep its team members highly engaged and involved in making work better, launching new products, and growing their careers.

On top of that, Upgrade offers a wide range of employee benefits that promote health and wellness. Its work-life balance is among the best in the industry, medical, dental, and vision insurance premiums are 100% covered for the employee, and Upgrade offers stock options and a 401(k) match up to 4% for all employees. All of these factors make Upgrade a great place to work for those who are looking for a career that will last.

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Voya Financial

Voya Financial is a reliable company to work for because of its strong financial foundation, stable operations, and commitment to employee well-being. The company is also hiring for the long term, with a focus on building a diverse and inclusive workforce. 

Voya’s financial stability is based on a strong foundation of assets and a diversified business model. The company has a long history of operating through economic cycles and has consistently generated strong returns.

When it comes to taking care of its staff, Voya leads the way with best-in-class benefits and programs that promote work-life balance and wellness. The company is also committed to building a diverse and inclusive workforce, with a focus on recruiting and developing talent from all backgrounds. In short, Voya is a stable and reliable company that is well-positioned for success in the years ahead.

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