Best Companies for All-Around Employee Wellness

Which companies have the best policies for all-around employee wellness? Check out this best list by BestCompaniesAZ.

As the economy continues to shift and talent becomes increasingly valuable, qualities such as collaboration, innovative thinking, creativity, and communication are in high demand. Workplace wellness has a direct impact on these skills, making it more important than ever for organizations to focus on building a healthy workplace culture.

Despite this realization, there is still much work that needs to be done in terms of studying and improving workplace wellness. In particular, there is a growing need to focus on mental health and its benefits. This includes work-life balance and work flexibility which are what companies are focusing on now. By improving workplace wellness, organizations can set themselves up for success by attracting and retaining top talent while also promoting a high-performance culture.

Best Companies That Highlight Employee Well-Being

The best companies for employee wellness understand the importance of taking a holistic approach that focuses on the physical, mental, and emotional health of their employees. Companies on this list have been recognized by Glassdoor, Great Place To Work, Workstars, and more. Here are top companies in Arizona leading the way for all-around employee wellness:


Axon‘s ecosystem of tech devices and cloud software provides solutions to society’s most formidable safety and justice issues. A recent Most Admired Companies awardee, they go beyond basic company wellness with Axon Mental Health support initiatives. This program provides employees with on-demand support apps, which includes health coaching and paid therapy sessions. Axon prioritizes emotional and mental wellness to meet employees’ needs wherever they are in the world. 

Axon supports employee career growth and educational wellness with their Leadership Development Program. With a two-year rotational program, this program supports young talent navigating their challenging industry. They are also launching a new training and development initiative in 2023 called LIIFT. Axon Leadership: Investing and Innovating For Tomorrow is a multi-tiered program aimed to grow leadership in all areas, focusing on people management, strategy and JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion). We honor Axon as a supporter of employee wellness, both through progressive career growth and mental health support.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona  

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona (BCBSAZ) is at the forefront when it comes to health and wellness and has been living out its mission to inspire health and make it easy for over 80 years. 

BCBSAZ encourages its employees to live their healthiest lives by offering an array of programs and wellness benefits and understands that a well-rounded benefits package is the key to attracting and retaining top talent. Our commitment to our employees is strong and we work hard to make sure we are introducing opportunities for our employees to manage both their health and work-life balance. By creating a flexible work environment and offering a wide array of unique benefits, we are able to maintain an amazing company culture and work towards meeting the needs of all our employees.  

Desert Financial

Desert Financial believes their employees are the most important asset and one of the biggest ways they share success is by investing in their people and providing a total rewards package designed to keep their employees, families, and even their furry friends healthy.

Desert Financial partners with providers committed to excellence, just as they are. Offering employees over 70 work perks, organized into one of five categories for ease: Health, Wealth, Growth, Life and Fun!

Desert Financials’ commitment to improving employee wellness is best exemplified in their paid training program which funds employees’ future learning and career development, while their cash for kids’ extra-curricular activities program will reimburse up to $250 (full-time team members) and $125 (part-time team members) per child per calendar year, and their health advocate program helps employees find the health specialist they need, just to name a few.

Desert financial doesn’t just say they care about their employees; they show it through commitment and action. Providing an abundance of benefits and work perks aimed at supporting total employee wellness.  

Donor Network of Arizona

Donor Network of Arizona’s employees are some of the most talented and dedicated people in the industry. They use their unique talents to make the most of every situation, every opportunity, and every donation. Each position at DNA plays an important role in the donation process while honoring the legacy of donors and celebrating the renewed health of recipients. They strive for a consistently positive work experience for all. 

Donor Network of Arizona has several committees that support overall employee wellness, covering diversity and inclusion, multicultural concerns, community involvement, mental and physical wellness, professional development, and more. 


GoDaddy takes care of its employees by providing a comprehensive benefits package, including a generous time away policy, allowing employees to take the time they need to rest and recharge. And for employees with families, GoDaddy offers child care subsidies, paid parental leave, adoption assistance, and fertility coverage.

GoDaddy also has an Employee Assistance Plan to help employees and their loved ones with personal or work-related concerns. In addition, GoDaddy holds benefits fairs and provides a benefits selector tool for employees to choose best-fit benefits.  Employees are able to participate in the philanthropic GoDaddy For Good program, which involves employer-matching funds up to $1500 per employee per year.  In support of financial wellness, the retirement plan includes a generous match and employees have access to unlimited free financial education and advice.  Our health plans provide choice and value by combining low premiums with low out-of-pocket costs.

GoDaddy includes other wellness perks, as well as team-building and professional development opportunities to help employees grow in their careers. When it comes to employee wellness, GoDaddy has everything covered.


At USAA, leadership knows that a healthy employee is a productive employee. That’s why they offer Concierge Services to help with whatever their employees need — from grocery shopping to getting the oil changed on their car. They want to remove barriers for their employees to access physical, mental/emotional, and financial health support and resources. They’re looking at the whole person and offering benefits that will reduce stress and encourage greater well-being. By offering this Concierge Service, USAA is showing their employees that they care about their health and well-being.


KUBRA is an industry-leading provider of customer experience management solutions to some of the largest utility, government, and insurance entities in North America. They understand that employees perform their best when they are taken care of mentally, physically and financially. In addition to a competitive salary, casual work environment and ample opportunities for education and career advancement, they also offer:

  • 2 paid well-being days 
  • Paid personal 
  • Free Headspace subscription
  • Free onsite gym membership
  • Free weekly fitness classes
  • Free monthly employee wellness events
  • Employee assistance programs

This focus on supporting the whole employee and employee wellness has led to KUBRA receiving Comparably’s 2022 Happiest Employees award and Best Workplaces © for Mental Health in 2021. KUBRA also ranks in the top 5% of companies for company culture on Comparably as rated by their own employees. For these reasons and more, KUBRA has made our list of the best companies for employee wellness. 

In 2022, companies that focus on providing benefits and programs that support employee wellness are some of the very best companies to work for. Your workplace should enhance your well-being, not hinder it. In the modern era, employees won’t settle for companies with sub-par benefits or organizations that don’t put employee well-being first. Further, balanced and stable employees make for the most productive and tend to remain at the same companies longer – investing in the companies that invest in them. 

Looking for the best companies for overall employee wellness? Browse through our list of top employers offering the most ideal workplace environments and benefits packages to talented individuals at BestCompaniesAZ. Check out who’s hiring today to join the best companies that prioritize wellness. 


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