June 7, 2018 BestCompaniesAZ

10 Best Software Engineer Interview Questions From Best Tech Companies

You’ve found the perfect software engineer candidate that can read code in their sleep, but do their capabilities extend beyond the computer screen and into the company culture? These software engineer interview questions will challenge your candidate beyond programming and distinguish the good, from the best.

Values, Goals, and Mission

Where do you see yourself in five years? Asking this question first gives the interviewer an immediate idea if the candidates vision and goals align with the company and how the candidate might progress through the company. The perfect candidate will jump at this opportunity to flex.

Why are you working in this industry? It may come as a no-brainer, but an applicant’s interest in their job can greatly increase their performance. Choose an applicant whose interests are invested in their field of work.

Why are you interested in the company? Maybe the candidate has had their eye on the company since their freshman year of college, or maybe the allure is a big salary and generous benefits. The perfect candidate will put their knowledge to the test and show the interviewer what they know about the company, and why their values and goals fit in with the company culture.


Can you tell me about your experience at your last company? This GoDaddy interview question gives valuable insight into how the candidate would perform in the company. If the candidate can only list negative experiences, it may goad the question of whether the candidate or the company was the problem.

What is an accomplishment you are proud of? This software engineering interview question gives the candidate the opportunity to highlight noteworthy projects and achievements. Here, the candidate can stand out from the pack and tell the interviewer how their experience may be valuable to the company.

What is a difficult situation you had to overcome? Well-rounded candidates should not only be able to perform under ideal conditions, but also in times of high stress. Assess the applicant’s problem-solving abilities and how they perform under stress with this software engineer interview question.

What valuable skills do you bring to the company? Does the candidate have valuable skills that complement the skills of the rest of the team? The candidate should have skills that increase the value of the company.

Leadership and Team Management

What is your definition of a leader? Most great candidates will be able to answer questions about algorithms and binary trees; however, the perfect candidate will be able to answer this software engineering interview question.

What was a disagreement you had on a team project, and how did you solve it? Inevitably, the candidate will work with one or multiple team members. Here, the interviewer can assess how the candidate fits into the team; as well as the candidate’s conflict and resolution skills.

What prior experience do you have leading a team? It’s not enough to be a team player. Sometimes the position requires a candidate to take charge and lead the team. The candidate should show the capability to delegate tasks, collaborate with others and communicate effectively.

The perfect software engineer candidate adds value to the workplace environment and culture. Ask these software engineering interview questions to determine if your candidate is workplace material.

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