10 Tech Company Employee Benefits & Perks From Best Companies

The business world is becoming more independent from technology every day. Nowadays, Employees have opportunities that were not available to them before the technology boom. To meet demand, companies are hiring the best of the best to lead the way in the world of IT and technology.

Tech company employee benefits make a career in technology exciting and rewarding.

If you’re interested in a career at one of Arizona’s best tech companies, consider these tech company employee benefits as a guide to the perfect workplace.

1. Health and Wellness



Tech company employees spend a large amount of time on the computer. To encourage an active workforce, health and wellness benefits are offered by many tech companies. Companies like GoDaddy offer a healthy living program and fitness classes, and host health fairs. In addition, employees can workout in state-of-the-art gyms and work with personal trainers free of charge.

2. Professional Development

Employers want their employees to feel excited and passionate about what they are doing. Engaged employees means a smaller turnover rate. To encourage personal and professional growth, companies such as Markitors offer lunch-and-learn workshops with professionals from a variety of fields. Monthly speakers offer insight on topics like retirement, work-life balance, and managing benefits.

3. Financial Opportunities

Beyond vision, dental, or health insurance, tech companies like Vixxo spoil their employees with financial opportunities. Financial perks such as 401(k) matching, paid time off, stock options, and personalized retirement plans make tech companies a great place to work.

4. Location Perks

The field of technology can be utilized by any business in the world. Thus, many tech companies offer the opportunity to choose your location. Technology is a mobile career that can go where you go. Employees looking to choose their location or work from home should look at tech companies that offer flexible location perks.

5. Innovation Implementation

The ability to apply your creativity is one of the most important tech company employee benefits. In fact, companies that implement employee innovations to their practices are more successful than those who do not work towards innovation. An Arizona-based company that empowers employees to think big and achieve their dreams is Infusionsoft. Ultimately, financial benefits and promotions are awarded to those who are driven to grow. A tech company that is excited about employee ideas is a great place to build your career.

6. Vacation Benefits

We don’t have to convince you that vacation days are a benefit. Vacation days are a welcomed break from stress. At companies like GoDaddy and Markitors, employees are encouraged to take time away from work to recharge. Whether it’s a trip to Paris or a staycation at home, vacation perks make the top of our list of the best tech company employee benefits.

7. Time Away From Work

Coupled with vacation benefits, time away from work is an appealing perk. Everyone needs a break from work to enjoy life outside of their careers. Many tech companies such as Infusionsoft and GoDaddy encourage employees to take a day here and there for themselves. If the opportunity to recharge your batteries is important to you, consider a career at a tech company that offers this perk.

8. Discounted Products and Services

Who doesn’t want discounted or free products? The ability to receive products at a discount or for free is a perk that speaks for itself.

9. Skill Development

The field of technology is always changing, so employees must be up-to-date with new software and practices. Thus, many tech employers offer updated trainings and technology courses. At GoDaddy, employees will be reimbursed for technology-based courses. More so, employees can attend trainings to learn about industry changes.

10. Industry Demand

Finally, the demand for industry professionals is constant. A benefit of a career in technology is the fact that your experience can be utilized anywhere in the world.

If you would like to begin a career at one of Arizona’s best tech companies, visit us here to learn about open positions!


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