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Sales & Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

Congratulations on landing an interview while on the job hunt! To help you prepare, browse the sales & marketing interview questions below to get an idea of what your potential employer may ask, as well as learn how to answer any questions that are thrown your way.

Sales and marketing candidates can utilize these to rock the interview and land a great role. Good luck!

Sales & Marketing Interview Questions And Answers

What motivates you?

Even though good motivation is key in any career, your interviewers will want to know how passionate you are about selling a product or closing a deal. While answers will of course vary from person to person, you should convey enthusiasm for the sales/marketing career path and a desire for the product to succeed. Discuss your personal style within sales/marketing and comment on how this drives your work. Share an example of a time when you saw an opportunity and went the extra mile to sell or market something exceptionally.

How do you handle rejection?

To succeed in both sales and marketing, you have to be able to persevere in the face of rejection, whether you experience a rejected pitch or deal with a hostile client. By asking this, your interviewer wants you to demonstrate your strength, and a strong answer is one that’s honest. (Nobody likes rejection–you don’t have to sugarcoat.) But show that you are not easily knocked down and are willing to pull through for the company and clients. State that you don’t enjoy rejection, but you have learned not to take it personally, and that you work hard to learn from it to continuously improve your techniques.

Have you consistently met your goals?

The interviewer wants to know about your work history. Ideally, you want to demonstrate that you have experience both meeting and exceeding goals. Be prepared to talk about your most noteworthy successes. It behooves you to study and refresh yourself before your interview so you can put forth concrete statistics and numbers. Quantifying your success to the interviewer is not only appealing, but also shows them you are organized and serious.

What is your knowledge of our company? Why do you want to work here?

Regardless of the field, you should always research the company you’re interviewing at pre-interview. This question is fairly generic and one that several different fields keep handy for interviews. As it pertains to sales/marketing, your interviewer wants to see how well you understand their specific company’s approach to selling and marketing. Focus on aspects of the company’s sales record that stand out to you, or why you like their services or products and the ways in which they’re marketed. Additionally, you can add why your personal skillset, expertise, and history make you a good fit with the company’s strategies to sales/marketing.

Which is more important: strong visibility of a product or closing the deal?

This question hits both sides of the sales and marketing coin within a company. Regardless of which field you’re interviewing for, you know they go hand in hand. It’s important not to dismiss your sister field as less important. Try to convey that you understand and appreciate the balance, and want to also contribute in a positive way. If you’re in sales, emphasize the idea that you want to bring the marketer’s hard work to the forefront. If you’re in marketing, highlight the idea that you don’t want salespeople to struggle selling an inferior or poorly-marketed product.

Best of luck in your interview! Once you prep answers to these commonly asked sales & marketing interview questions, you should find yourself adequately prepared.

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