Writing a Resignation Letter: The Savvy Professional’s Guide

how to write a resignation letterhow to write a resignation letter

So, it’s time to leave your current job, but what do you do now? It may feel daunting to reach out to your employer to let them know you’ll be leaving and communicate with them more in-depth about your departure.

Many blogs and websites suggest writing a letter of resignation as best practice but don’t always explain why this is important or how to write a resignation letter effectively. Your goal in writing a letter is to maintain positive and healthy relationships with past employers and writing a strong letter of resignation will allow you to do just that.

In this article, we’ll discuss what to include in your letter and provide a letter of resignation template to help you transition smoothly into your next venture.

The Purpose of a Resignation Letter

A letter of resignation is intended to formalize your intent to leave and give your employer time to make arrangements for your departure. Resignation letters are proper protocol to establish and maintain professionalism but also allow for the maintenance of positive relationships with your current employer.

It also gives employees the chance to elaborate on their role, what the position offered, and reflect on the impact of the role in their professional advancement. When you’re ready to pursue new employment, make sure you write an excellent letter of resignation.

How To Write a Resignation Letter

Here are some of the details and parts you will want to include when writing your formal resignation letter.

Provide a Statement of Intent

A statement of intent is a formal statement that you are leaving the company. The tone of your statement should be professional and respectful. This should be brief and concise –– less is always more.

Details To Include

You also need to include the following in your letter:

  • Exact position title. Check your intake paperwork to find this information if you are unsure.
  • Date of your last day. Typically, this date should be two weeks out from the time of submission.
  • Contact Information. Include a working email and a valid phone number.

Express Gratitude for the Opportunity

Let your employer know you are grateful for the opportunity to work with the company but be honest. If you don’t feel a sense of gratitude for the time spent in a position, think of how the work environment and/or position duties positively impacted your career and highlight those experiences.

Include Well Wishes

End your letter on a good note by wishing the company well and citing the ways they’ve influenced you and/or your career. This section of the letter should be positive and sincere.

Think about how you hope the company grows and express this to leave on a positive note for potential future letters of recommendation or networking opportunities.

Let’s look at a letter of resignation example to combine the following components.

Letter of Resignation Example


Michael Scott
Regional Manager
Dunder Mifflin Inc
1 Sesame Street
Scranton, PA

Dear Michael,

I am formally submitting my resignation as Head Receptionist, effective [date].

I have decided to pursue employment in the IT industry and feel the skills I’ve perfected at Dunder Mifflin have made me confident in my ability to transition into a new industry as a strong and capable candidate.

It has been a pleasure connecting with staff and building a community in a safe and personable working environment. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to develop and lead a systemized managerial workflow and support staff to increase office efficiency.

I am excited to streamline the onboarding process for future employees to support management following my departure. I will be available to meet with potential candidates and also to lead training for my replacement.

Thank you again for the opportunity to grow my professional skills at Dunder Mifflin. I look forward to the exponential growth of the company as it continues to revolutionize the paper industry. Please feel free to contact me at pam@anemailserver.com or at (555) 555-5555.

Best regards,

Pamela Beesley

Writing a letter of resignation may not be easy, but it is an important and necessary skill to have as a professional.

Letter of Resignation Tips

Not all resignation letters are the same, but there are a few things you should consider before drafting your own.

  • Keep it concise. In this case, less is always more. Keep it brief and to the point but maintain a high level of professionalism. One page is enough.
  • Offer to train your replacement. If you are comfortable, offer to train your replacement. Give a new employee the insights and skills you’ve acquired to support their growth in the company.
  • Don’t give excessive details. You don’t need to share everything with your employer. Just give enough information to summarize your decision to leave.
  • Be positive. Highlight the positives in your relationship with your job and your time as an employee. Remember, a letter of resignation is used to maintain relationships that may be beneficial as you move forward in your career.

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