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Recruiters Explain Why Workplace Diversity is Important Today

why is diversity important

Diversity is a huge buzzword in the recruiting industry. The word diversity encompasses a wide range of backgrounds, identities including – but not limited to – gender, ethnicity, education, religion, and socioeconomic background. But, why is diversity important? This melting pot of diverse backgrounds and viewpoints contribute to the great good of the workplace. As a matter of fact, contrasting ideas combined with an inclusive workspace create an environment that spurs innovation and creativity.

Don’t just take it from us! We’ve rounded up a few top recruiters to tell us what they think about diversity and why it is important in their workplace.

Diverse teams reflect customers and markets

Organizational diversity drives innovation in modern business. The simple act of building teams that are rich in a variety of skill sets, prior life experiences, educational histories, cultural roots, geographic histories, and professional experiences gives us access to a much broader understanding of the customers and markets we strive to serve. The competitive advantage is exponential and allows companies like ours to discover and delivery options, solutions, and pathways to success that may be missed otherwise.

– Morris Jessup, Vice President of Operations, Corporate Job Bank

Innovation is driven by varied groups

Companies benefit from diversity because of a variety of experiences, backgrounds, and viewpoints results in a variety of ideas being brought to the table to address the company’s needs.  A diverse group is more likely to have a breakthrough idea than a homogeneous group. And a diverse group is better positioned to evaluate the pros and cons, the benefits and risks, of various courses of action.  Military veterans, in particular, bring a set of experiences and problem-solving skills that can be much different from those of other employees. Diversity helps companies ensure they are truly considering all options rather than picking from a narrow set of options devised by employees with similar backgrounds and experiences.

Sean Pritchard, CEO, MilitaryHire

Divergent backgrounds create a strong corporate culture

We all want a strong corporate culture, but diversity shouldn’t suffer because of it. A mix of working styles, personalities and, above all, diverse minds contribute the most to a company. This mixture of ideas and personalities deliver health and much-needed variety in the workplace.


Diversity delivers successful creativity

“Diversity brings different talents together, all of them working towards a common goal using their unique sets of skills. Able to provide insight into the needs and motivations of all of our clients and customer base rather than just a small part of it. Another benefit of diversity in the workplace is the increase in creativity among teams, and the ability to have a more diverse set of solutions to specific problems. Additionally, a diverse workforce will make our organization more effective, more successful, and more profitable.”

– Sruti Patel, Sr. Talent Advisor, Charles Schwab

Diversity is the source of innovation

Diversity is the source of innovation that organizations require to survive. You can not command diversity. Instead, ecology emphasizes interaction as the means to invite diversity into creative discovery. Setting the conditions for an ecology of innovation is not a quick solution. You can, however, begin to shape your understanding and awareness.

-Dan Schmitz, Consultant, ON THE MARK

Diversity equates to more fun

I find that diversity equates to more fun at work. The difference in perspectives, thoughts, and lifestyles can help keep things fresh and thrilling for people within an organization. And when people feel fresh, they’re at their best. Diversity injects life into a company. That’s what any work needs to succeed.

– Brett Farmiloe, CEO, Markitors

After all, diversity isn’t just a buzzword in the recruiting industry. In fact, it is a concept that will continue to contribute to the growth of the workplace for several years to come. It is a basis for successful company growth, corporate culture, and innovation! 

How do companies create more diverse work environments? Check out these 55 ideas to promote workplace diversity for some inspiration.

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