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This Company Will Teach You to Lead

By Lee Vikre | @LeeVikre

Building leadership throughout the company is one of the biggest challenges in business. Many people want to advance, and they’re good at their jobs, but without leadership skills, they are set up for a world of struggle. Lacking good leadership, all other business resources are ineffective. Strong leadership must be evident throughout a great company, from the CEO to the front-line supervisor. Leadership is a key component of a positive employer brand.

One of the reasons Progrexion is a Best Company to Watch is because of its commitment to leadership excellence. The company builds leaders from within – 95% are promoted internally. In Arizona, Regional Director Lance Lindskov was promoted three times before reaching his current position.

The management structure includes many opportunities to learn and advance. For example, Managers In Training (MITs) are front line supervisors who spend half their time helping consumers, and the other half training and mentoring new staff. Many people have experienced the frustration of working under a new manager who was promoted because of functional skills but can’t manage people, and it’s hard for anyone to be successful in that scenario. Progrexion recognizes that issue and is focused on setting leaders up for success.

Through a certification program called LEAD, MITs can become certified in leadership values. The LEAD certification involves a wide variety of management tools, from the nuts-and-bolts of legal compliance to advanced communication skills, such as how to have a difficult conversation. MITs who are certified position themselves for further advancement.

Another Progrexion program focused on leadership is LIFT, a weeklong training including all the basics of leadership – how to coach people effectively, how to hold them accountable, how to create smart goals, and other day to day nuances of management.

The Regional Director follows up on those efforts by conducting regular Employee Value Proposition focus groups. In these meetings, he asks for feedback on how leadership is doing, and how can the company do more and do better.

This combination of structured, consistent leadership training and listening to feedback pays off. In a recent employee survey conducted by Best Companies Group, 91% of employees agreed that “I have confidence in the leadership of this organization,” and 95% believe that the leaders of the organization care about employees’ well-being. Supervisors also received high marks – 96% believe their supervisors treat them with respect and listen to their opinions, and the overall satisfaction with supervisors is 95%. These scores are the proof that consistent leadership training works.

Progrexion continues to create new leadership training. Currently, the Phoenix office is designing a program focused specifically on developing female leaders.

If you would like to be developed into a leader, learn to be a good manager and have fun at the same time, check out Progrexion’s culture and current career opportunities.

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