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Re-find Your Zen: Comforting Jobs for People with Anxiety

BestCompaniesAZ promotes a range of jobs across a variety of industries to all types of people, which includes jobs for people with anxiety. In fact, anxiety is a much more common occurrence than you may think. Per the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety disorders afflicts roughly 18% of the adult American population. Of this number, social anxiety accounts for about 6.8% of the adult population. While this number is high, anxiety is fortunately highly treatable.

Because people spend much of their week in the workplace, finding a role and company that complements your mental health needs is critical. Here’s a great place to start:

Find Your Happy Place With These Great Jobs for People With Anxiety

To those with social anxiety, the thought of a crowded workplace with frequent and stressful interaction, public speaking, and meetings may sound like a nightmare. Fortunately, not all careers are high-stress! Many can be both comfortable from an anxiety perspective, while still challenging and rewarding from a career perspective.

BestCompaniesAZ features the cream of the crop in best workplaces, so that you can connect with the best in the state. We’ve compiled a list of jobs which would be ideal for people with anxiety. Let’s get started!

1. Computer Programmer

Computer programming may seem to be the clear choice for people with anxiety. If you find rigorous mental work and problem solving appealing, computer programming is likely a good choice for you. Unless you have a background in programming, it may require some work to break into the industry. For example, coding camps and several college-level courses will prepare you to get your foot in the door. Thankfully, once you have broken into the industry, programming is often highly paid and in high demand. Depending on your experience, you may also be offered the opportunity to work remotely (a dream for us anxious types!).

Job positions in computer programming range from web developer to programmer analyst to software developer.

2. IT Roles

While working in IT may seem similar computer programming, there are distinct differences between the two categories. For example, computer programmers may work to develop applications, yet a career in IT offers the option to maintain databases and organize computer systems. IT is an especially rewarding career, if you enjoy computers and working with current technology.

Jobs in IT can include a network management role as a network administrator, computer tech support, database administrator, or even information security.

3. Writer or Editor

A career as a writer comes in many forms. For example, the profession includes writing fiction novels to writing helpful guides like this to technical writing. Work as a writer is often ideal for those with social anxiety. Most of the time writing is done alone with occasional breaks to ask others for comments and feedback. Although part of a career as a writer is reliant on peers, most positions as a writer allow workers to have great independence and alone time. Editors may also spend much time “in the zone” to revise and edit work, while also checking in with colleagues for collaboration and feedback.

4. Graphic Designer

Work as a graphic designer can be both engaging and rewarding for more artistic types. Another perk of a career as a graphic designer is the ability to work as a freelancer, oftentimes remotely. Even if one opts to not work as a freelancer and takes a job at a larger company, social interaction will likely be limited and paired with periods of long individual work. As a graphic designer you would need to collaborate with both a team lead and clients, but the amount of time spent doing so would likely be eclipsed by the hands-on portion of your job.

5. Accountant or Bookkeeper

Work as an accountant is commonly recommended for those with social anxiety. In addition, if you excel at math and working with numbers, this just might be the career for you. Whether you work as a freelancer or at one of the Big 4 accounting firms, a career as an accountant will require some degree of social interaction. A positive is that as your experience and career grow, you’ll get more gradual and consistent exposure to uncomfortable situations. As a result, you will master the social aspect of the job over time.

Similar to accounting, bookkeeping positions are other great jobs for people with anxiety. While daily responsibilities may overlap, bookkeepers typically only require an associate’s degree or experience, and tackle more administrative tasks than accountants.

Explore a New Job for a Breath of Fresh Air!

Although a diagnosis of anxiety and subsequent life with social anxiety disorder is tough, finding a career as a qualified individual shouldn’t be. All of the positions above, especially careers in tech, are in near-constant high demand. Don’t let anxiety stop you from having the amazing career that you deserve.