January 4, 2017 BestCompaniesAZ

How To Clear Your Mind After A Long Work Day

Frustrated? Anxious? Drained from work? Too much on the to-do list for tomorrow? Heading home with thoughts of work still ricocheting around in your mind is not the best recipe for winding down. Instead, try the following eight tips to learn how to clear your mind after a long work day.

How To Clear Your Mind After A Long Work Day

Meditation & Mindfulness

The top method of unwinding after work involves focusing on nothing. While sitting cross-legged, make sure your posture is straight. Close your eyes. If any negative thoughts or thoughts about your workday appear, picture them swallowed up in a cloud that drifts by — and out of your mind. During meditation, you might even play relaxing music or put some incense in the room.

Read A Book

Never underestimate curling up with a good book. No matter your preferred genre, reading whisks you away to another place and helps you forget about workday stress. Make it a point to sit down and read for an hour each day.

Journal / Color

If you have any pent-up emotions lingering by the end of the day, it’s smart to write them down. Journaling is a great outlet for clearing your mind — and if you have a lot of negativity pouring onto the page, it’s often therapeutic to literally crumple up the entry and throw it away. Shed the negativity!

Coloring is also an increasingly popular way to combat post-workday stress. Whether you’re in the mood for coloring flowers, intricate mandala patterns, cityscapes or other designs, there are plenty of books out there to suit your preference. Who said coloring was only reserved for kids?

Go For A Walk

Fresh air = fresh outlook. No matter how exhausting your day was, make time for an outdoor stroll to clear your mind. (Or go for a run, if you prefer — it’s all the same therapy.)

Take A Bath

Many of us are so accustomed to taking daily showers that we forget how wonderful baths are. When it comes to how to clear your mind after a long work day, this practice will offer a soothing way to forget about any troubles or stress from work.

Talk With A Friend (But Don’t Stare At Your Phone All Night)

When was the last time you chatted with a good friend over the phone? If you can’t arrange an in-person get-together, chat on the phone for a little while. You can vent about your day while also sharing a laugh. For some, it helps to stay social when unwinding after a long day at the office.

It’s also important to put down your phone when trying to clear your mind after work. Scrolling for hours through social media accounts contributes very little to your wellbeing — not to mention the headaches it induces after staring at a screen.

Listen To Your Favorite Tunes

Music helps us relax after a draining work day. Whether your device of choice is your phone’s Spotify app or an old-fashioned record player, kick back and tune in for optimal relaxation.

Get To Bed Early

To truly clear your mind at the end of a long work day, get plenty of sleep. You will likely wake up with a fresh take on a brand new day.

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