June 7, 2016 BestCompaniesAZ

Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona in Top 100 places to work in Arizona

Peoria,  AZ.  (6/7/16)  –  azcentral.com  and  Republic  Media  (The  Arizona  Republic,   azcentral.com,  La  Voz)  announced  today  that  HABITAT  FOR  HUMANITY CENTRAL   ARIZONA  has  earned  a  spot  on  the  list  of  2016  azcentral.com®  Top  Companies  to   Work  for  in  Arizona.         All  participating companies  completed  a  two-­‐‑part  assessment  process  conducted  by  the   independent  workplace  research  firm,  Best  Companies  Group  (BCG).  Part  one  of process  was  the  Employer  Questionnaire,  assessing  benefits,  HR  policies  and  culture   development.  Part  two  was  the  Employee  Engagement  and Satisfaction  Survey  which   measures  the  employee  experience  in  8  core  focus  areas:  Leadership  and  Planning,   Corporate  Culture  and Communications, Role  Satisfaction,  Work  Environment,   Relationship  with  Supervisor,  Training,  Development  and  Resources,  Pay  and  Benefits,   and  Overall Engagement.  Using  the  combined  data  from  both  parts  of  the  survey   process,  BCG  determined  the  top  100  organizations  that  made  the  grade.      “This Top  Company  list  gets  more  competitive  each  year”,  says  Denise  Gredler,   Founder  and  CEO  of  BestCompaniesAZ  and  consulting  partner  for  the program.  “The   list  of  winners  had  very  impressive  employee  survey  results  averaging  an  overall   favorable  rate  of  90  percent  and  an  overall  employee engagement  score  of  92  percent,   which  is  more  than  double  the  national  average.  These  winners  should  be  very  proud  of   their  engaged  workforces. This  presents  a  powerful  opportunity  for  award  winners  to   promote  their  company  culture  to  retain  and  attract  the  best  talent.”       President  and  CEO, Jason  Barlow  stated,  “We  are  extremely  pleased  to  not  only  serve   our  community  well,  but  also  be  recognized  as  a  top  employer  in  the  great  state of  Arizona.  Our  staff  is  simply  the  best.”

Habitat  for  Humanity  Central  Arizona  is  one  of  nearly  1,400  Habitat  organizations  in   the  U.S.  and  has  worked  in  Maricopa  County  for  more  than  30  years,  helping  families   achieve  the strength,  stability  and  self-­‐‑reliance  they  need  to  build  a  better  future  for   themselves  through  decent  and  affordable  housing.    In  fiscal  year  2015,  Habitat   partnered  with  243 individuals  to  build  or  improve  places  they  call  home.   The  100  “Top  Companies”ʺ  were  honored  at  an  awards  breakfast  reception  on  June  7,   2016,  at  the  Hyatt  Regency  Phoenix  and will  be  published  in  a  special  supplement  in  the   June  12,  2016  issue  of  The  Arizona  Republic,  as  well  as  online  at   topcompanies.azcentral.com  and  www.BestCompaniesAZ.com.     For complete  details visit  habitatcaz.com,  bestcompaniesaz.com  or   topcompanies.azcentral.com.

About Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona  
Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona is a local nonprofit organization that partners with families in need  of  decent, affordable  housing to build strength, stability  and  self-­‐‑ reliance through shelter. This faith-­‐‑based  organization  builds  affordable  housing, improves  communities and revitalizes neighborhoods  and  has  been  serving Central   Arizona since  1985. This  affiliate  of  Habitat  for Humanity International  is  one of  the most  active and is consistently  listed  in  the  top  ten  among  the  nearly  1,400  Habitat for Humanity  affiliates in the United  States.  Habitat  has  completed more than 1,100 homes in the metro Phoenix  area.

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