August 29, 2018 BestCompaniesAZ

Employer Branding Tips for Financial Services Firms

The candidates you attract are only as good as the branding that you use to attract them. Exceptional employer branding will attract quality candidates, while lackluster efforts will attract less-than-desirable candidates. To attract great people to add to your team, follow these employer branding tips for financial services firms.


Messaging can sometimes get misinterpreted by the reader or contain misleading promises. It’s important to make sure your messaging is clear enough to all parties so there is never a doubt about who or what your company is all about.  In the digital age, producing a specific message can easily be done through a video, for example, to show, rather than tell, the candidate about the company. Take the candidate on a virtual tour around the office to show the company culture and workplace.


At some point during the hiring process, candidates will look at what other employees are saying about the firm. Testimonials are instrumental in the hiring process because they allow candidates to assess the environment that they could be working in.


Feature employees with unique insights into the company and positive experiences. For example, Charles Schwab features a testimonial from a current employee who speaks highly of her experience working at Charles Schwab, and how the firms dedication to maintaining a diverse workforce impacts her. Interviews like this one highlight interesting and compelling aspects of the company, and gives the candidate an idea of what to look forward to.

Update Your Website

One of the first places potential candidates will go to find more information about your company is your website. If your company’s online presence does not accurately communicate the hard work it puts into creating a positive company culture and successful business, candidates may become skeptical. Online presence includes not only the company website, but also the company’s social media platforms. Makes sure that all mediums are updated and current with important information.


If your company has worked to implement standards that set it apart from the competition, look for ways to gain recognition for it. For example, the Homeowners Financial Group has a strong company culture based on family, and constant community involvement. That is why the group is a multi-year recipient of Arizona’s Most Admired award, Top Companies award, AREA award, Best Places to Work in Phoenix, ACE award, and Sterling Award. When potential candidates apply to the Homeowners Financial Group, they know that they will be joining a company and workforce that prioritizes its employees and community.


Your financial services firm may be doing everything “correctly” but without consideration of how you stack up against the competition, your by-the-book branding may be coming up short. Assess how the competition is branding itself for inspiration on how you can uniquely brand your company.


The potential candidates that you attract are as good as your branding. Use these five employer branding tips for financial services firms to attract the best candidates.

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