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Adult Earth Day & Environmental Activities for the Office

Today’s modern environmental movement can trace its origins to the first Earth Day held on April 22nd in 1970. After five decades, the Earth Day movement is still going strong! Each year, over a billion people spring into action across the world to give back to our Earth.

Many companies see Earth Day as a great opportunity to boost the sustainability efforts of their organizations.

Participating in Earth Day can provide a company many benefits. Not only can your employees feel accomplished by giving back to the environment, but going green also helps your employer branding. By nurturing a green workplace culture, you can engage your current employees and appeal to sustainability-focused job seekers.

Once you’ve decided to participate in Earth Day, your next step is to figure out how! Keep reading to learn how to celebrate Earth Day at work with these engaging and insightful activities.

Earth Day Activities to Try at Work

Start a Recycling Competition

One way to get the office excited about Earth Day is through friendly competition.

Let’s say you decide to center your competition around recycling more plastic. Get started by having your employees calculate how much plastic they use. Then, set up office goals for the next one to two months. How much plastic do you hope to recycle by then? Make sure everyone keeps track of their recycling habits so it can be scored at the end of your competition!

A recycling competition helps you engage your employees in sustainable practices. Plus, it opens to door to discussing ways your office and company can cut back on the waste it produces.

Volunteer as an Office

Engaging Earth Day activities for adults to try at work can include volunteering. Volunteering as an office on Earth Day allows your employees to give back to the community and the environment.

Your office can split into volunteer teams to tackle projects like cleaning a nearby park.
For other volunteer activities for your office, look to your employees for ideas.

Ask employees to suggest local environmental organizations they’d like to volunteer at. Then, the office can vote on each suggestion to decide which volunteer project to participate in together. You can ensure that your volunteer work focuses on something everyone is passionate about by involving your employees.

Try Out Composting

Effective Earth Day activities for the workplace include ones that show us new ways to give back to the environment. This includes breaking old habits and trying out new ones!

One way to start some new environmentally-friendly workplace habits on Earth Day is through composting. Invite a guest speaker from a local organization to teach your office the benefits of composting and how to get started. Feel free to let your employees get creative with your composting efforts!

Bring Nature to the Office

Earth Day office activities aren’t complete without taking some time to appreciate nature. What better way to do that than by bringing some nature into the office?

Studies show that having a small desk plant can help reduce officer workers’ stress. Plus, tending to plants offers a healthy way for your employees to channel their stress.

Have your employees pick out a plant they’d like on their desk or around the office. It’s also beneficial to encourage employees to take nature breaks to tend to their plants.

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