June 7, 2017 BestCompaniesAZ

8 Creative Out Of Office Email Examples

Out of office emails inspire more dread than people often like to admit. But did you know there’s a way to offset the monotonous beige of it all? Here are 8 creative out of office email examples to spice up your work life!

Out Of Office Email Examples To Set Up Now

1. Photo of Your Destination

What better way to show where you are than with a fun photo? Add a quick snapshot of wherever you are in the world (if you happen to be lucky enough to be on vacation). People respond to photographs, and after all — a picture is worth a thousand words!

2. Company Product Promotion

Why not utilize an out of office email as an opportunity for free company promotion? At the end of your email, tag a quick plug about your company product or service!



This is an automated email. Unfortunately, I will be out of the office until next Wednesday.

In the meantime, why not check out our service *insert service here*? That way you won’t miss me when I’m gone!

3. Market “Cool” Aspect of Company

Is there a cool and unique company reason to explain your absence in the office? Is your company volunteering together, or on a fun retreat? This is one of the best out of office email examples and it could prove a fantastic opportunity to showcase your company culture!



I won’t be in the office this week, because I’m on a company retreat in the wilderness!   Our company promotes inclusion and rest to avoid burnout!

4. Emphasize Emotional Story

Is there a touching aspect, or potentially heart-tugging reason to explain your absence? Are you going to be absent because of a family event, like a wedding or funeral? Emphasize the humanity behind your story–everyone loves being reminded we’re all human.

5. Insert Cute Animals

Everyone loves cute animals! Insert a GIF or a quick meme of a kitten or puppy to keep things interesting!

6. Compliment Your Co-Worker

Is someone at the helm while you’re away? When redirecting others to email your coworker, seize the opportunity to gloat about how great and valuable an employee they are!



I won’t be in the office this week, so in the meantime, please email my co-worker *insert coworker’s name here* at coworkersemail@email.com. Co-worker is a wonderful employee and strong addition to our team. He/she is sure to be capable of handling whatever you need!

7. View It As Networking Potential

Similar to the ideas above, you can also use this to promote an upcoming conference or other networking event. Here is a skeleton example of what you could say.



I won’t be in the office this week, because I will be attending *insert conference name here*, courtesy of my company.

8. Nerd Out!

Have a quirky fun fact in your arsenal? Why not add a fun fact or piece of nerdy information for your creative out of office email?



I won’t be in the office this week, but you know what will be? Climate change. According to scientists at NASA, there is a greater than 95% probability the Earth is warming due to human activity.

Using one of these 8 creative out of office email examples, you can avoid the mundane, while also promoting your company’s service/product, employees, and culture. You can also network, and utilize out of office emails to build relationships.

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