TGen: Working with a sense of urgency to help humanity

Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), an affiliate of City of Hope

445 N. 5th Street,
Phoenix, AZ 85004
250 employees

Non-profit biomedical research institute

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TGen employs the human genome to create life-changing results

TGen — the Translational Genomics Research Institute — harnesses the power of the human genome to make breakthrough discoveries about diseases that plague humanity. Precision medicine, powered by TGen research, provides better diagnosis and treatments for cancer, neurological disorders and infectious diseases, turning life-threatening illnesses into merely chronic conditions that enable patients not only to live, but thrive.

Collaborative emphasis leads to improved patient outcomes

TGen applies the latest technologies toward improved patient outcomes. TGen’s independent, non-profit status, allows partnerships around the world with universities, private businesses, other research institutes and healthcare centers, such as Mayo Clinic, HonorHealth, Banner University, Dignity Health — and now an alliance with California’s City of Hope. This emphasis on collaboration creates an environment in which the best ideas and discoveries are quickly turned into ways to benefit patients.

TGen leadership paves the way in developing creative work environment

Dr Jeffrey Trent

Dr. Jeffrey Trent, TGen President and Research Director, sets the pace for a creative, energized workforce at TGen by emphasizing a sense of urgency in exploring the human genome to find answers for patients who need our help — today.

Top-notch benefits help attract brightest prospects to a cool place to work

TGen benefits include generous vacation and holiday breaks, potential profit sharing for commercialization endeavors, and flexible work schedules. This fosters a relaxed yet relentless atmosphere in which employees are encouraged to be themselves, unleash their creative energies, and contribute meaningfully towards team efforts to achieve greater purposes, while at the same time pursuing individual goals and developing ventures that can lead to entrepreneurial business spin-offs.

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TGen career trajectories produce personal satisfaction and public acclaim

dr han tgen

A professor in TGen’s Clinical Translational Research Division, Dr. Haiyong Han specializes in finding new ways to diagnose and treat pancreatic cancer, now the third leading cause of cancer-related death in the U.S.

“As a laboratory scientist, working at TGen allows me to work closely with clinicians, enabling our discoveries to directly benefit patients,” said Dr. Han, noting that TGen’s cutting-edge technology and outstanding administrative support — project management, grants and legal backup — gives him an advantage over principal investigators at other institutions. TGen is an excellent intellectual incubator for young scientists eager to make their mark in biomedicine, said Dr. Han, a 14-year veteran of TGen, where he is part of a team responsible for helping establish the nation’s standard-of-care treatment for patients with advanced pancreatic cancer.

Training and creative opportunities lead to fun and career satisfaction

Dr. Elizabeth Hutchins, a recent graduate of Arizona State University, said her post-doctoral fellowship at TGen provides her with a way to hone her talents while immediately applying them to help patients.

“One of the strengths of TGen is its close partnerships with hospitals and other research institutions, which aid in bridging scientific discoveries with positive clinical outcomes. I enjoy working in the fast-paced, collaborative environment here at TGen, and believe that working here will help me to be successful throughout my scientific career,” said Dr. Hutchins, who also trained at TGen as an undergraduate through the institute’s acclaimed Helios Scholars at TGen summer internship program. “I loved every minute of it!”

TGen employee uses high-tech skills to make ‘a positive difference’

milton caines tgen

As a Senior Systems Engineer, TGen’s Milton Caines would be a superb addition to any company’s information technology team, but he chose to work at TGen:

“The challenge of working together with others in order to make a positive difference in the lives of people is the reason why I was attracted to TGen, and why I like working here,” said Caines, who has been with TGen for 12 years. He oversees and supports the management, administration and engineering teams at TGen through the institute’s computer infrastructure. He serves as a mentor to the rest of the IT staff, guiding the adoption of new technologies and procedures, and empowering their effectiveness across the institute.