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We take a different approach than your average employer branding agency. We are Arizona's #1 Platform for Connecting Employers, Job Seekers, and the Community.
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We validate and elevate the very best companies in Arizona.

Founded in 2002, BestCompaniesAZ pioneered the intersection of recruiting, human resources, marketing and public relations — today known as Employer Branding or “PR for HR.” BestCompaniesAZ has evolved into an exclusive, niche PR, marketing and employer branding firm that specializes in building and promoting strong employer brands. BestCompaniesAZ is best known for establishing large-scale workplace awards programs and events, including the Best Places to Work in the Valley, Arizona’s Most Admired Companies, Top Companies to Work for in Arizona and several large-scale events designed to support Arizona veterans and spouses and diversity and inclusion.

BestCompaniesAZ specializes in helping corporate clients and community partners develop, strengthen and market their unique employer brands on a regional and national level. With decades of combined leadership experience in organizational culture development, strategic human resources management, employer branding, public relations and talent marketing, BestCompaniesAZ has developed a reputation as the expert for gaining increased exposure in our state.

7 Ways We Elevate Your Regional Employer Brand

1. Website Profile

Custom Company Profile
Build a profile that is tailored to your branding needs. Our profiles showcase your company values, workplace culture, community involvement, and many other aspects of your employer brand.

Career Postings
Fill your high-volume positions by posting your top careers on our jobs page.

2. Blog Posts

Monthly Best Lists
We feature the best companies for different workplace culture benefits and perks. We look at your company and promote the areas where you excel in these best lists

Custom Blogs
Repurpose your existing employer branding content or collaborate with us on writing new search engine optimized blogs to be featured on our blog page.

3. Social Media

3rd Party Advertising
Our social media ads have meaningful engagement and reach a targeted regional audience. These ads drive traffic directly to your career page to help with your hiring goals.

Curated Social Media Branding
Through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, we create a cohesive 3rd party endorsement of your brand by highlighting your achievements, events, and career openings.

4. Email Marketing

Every client is featured in some form in each email blast that we send.

Following our editorial calendar, our newsletter features the best list and blogs corresponding with the month’s theme. This is sent once a month and has multiple opportunities for the promotion of your employer branding.

This email features your career opportunities and hiring needs. This email is sent out every week and each client gets featured about once a month.

This email not only promotes community events, but also any hiring or informational events that your company may be hosting. This email is sent bi-weekly and we feature you as needed.

5. Public Relations

Traditional PR
We work with our PR team and media partners to promote your growth and impact in the community. We will pitch stories on your behalf to help you get into the media.

6. Events

Speaking Opportunities
Position employees at your company as thought leaders in the community. BestCompaniesAZ partners with groups such as AZ Biz Link and Career Connectors to help you communicate your best practices for building an employer brand.

Exhibitor Tables
Connect your recruiters directly with job seekers at the best hiring events in the Valley.

Align your brand with the top educational and thought-provoking events.

7. Award Programs

We take a comprehensive look at your workplace culture, community involvement, and employee data to determine which awards you should apply for in Arizona.

We’ll help you with any part of the writing process. Whether it’s building the application from scratch, helping you develop talking points, or just proofing, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Not ready to apply for an award? Sponsorship of award programs is a great way to promote your brand and learn about the award process.

Our Employer Branding Services

3 Ways to Engage with BestCompaniesAZ

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

“As a veteran to the recruitment marketing / advertising industry, I was so thrilled to see what BestCompaniesAZ (BCAZ) offers to their clients. BCAZ is clearly a gem for recruiting top talent across all job categories in Arizona. The team at BCAZ makes my team and I feel as if we are their only client, and I know we are not. From individual job promotion to amazing hiring event to PR for a national employer, BCAZ pulled everything off seamlessly with phenomenal results regarding online applications and attendees to our socially-distant onsite events throughout AZ. In a time and an industry where ROI is the only measurement of success, BCAZ truly brings advertising performance to recruitment in Arizona”

Director, Client Strategy representing a Fortune 500 Employer

“The HR Application Tracking system Workday received over 33,000 job submissions (applications) in 2020 which come from over 4,000 URL sources. BestCompaniesAZ (alone) is listed in the top 7 nationally (performing at same level of Diversity Jobs and outperforming Glassdoor).”

Talent Acquisition Director. Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

“BestCompaniesAZ is a top driver of traffic to our career website and has generated the 6th highest number of viewers beating many national and local branding platforms such as Glassdoor, Indeed, Yahoo, Recruit Military, Phoenix Business Journal, ZipRecruiter, local media channels, chambers, and more.”

Fin Tech Client, Talent Acquision Director

“BestCompaniesAZ generates more Arizona PR and Media opportunities focused on our growth and thought leadership than our own internal staff and PR agency, saving us marketing, PR and HR budget dollars under one affordable package”

Fortune 500 Employer

“Our partnership with BestCompaniesAZ has elevated our brand amongst hundreds of competitors in the Metro Phoenix area and their connections to the area have afforded us exposure that we would not have been aware of with their partnership.” “We are excited to share that 30 offers were extended to candidates last year from BestCompaniesAZ efforts. 53% were hired and 56% remain employed. These are great stats!”

Talent Acquisition Director, Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

“As an Arizona technology company, we love tapping into the power of the BestCompaniesAZ’s regional web platform which consistently ranks in the #1 average position for the term ‘tech companies in Arizona’ and #1 average position for the term ‘best places to work in phoenix. Great visibility…great 3rd party endorsement for our company.”

Local Tech firm, Employer Branding Head

“Applicants were tracked from 8 affiliated partnerships that were leads generated by the marketing and PR efforts of BestCompaniesAZ throughout 2020 including ABC15, Career Connectors, Professional Networks, Career Fairs and Universities.”

Talent Acquisition Director, Fortune 500 Financial Services Company