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Charles Schwab Company Profile

2423 E. Lincoln Drive,
Phoenix AZ 85016

3,400 Employees
Financial Services

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At Schwab, we believe in the power of investing to transform people’s lives. We see investing as an act of optimism and a commitment to the future. We are seeking talented individuals that understand the impact of great service. Whether you’re an experienced financial professional or new to the industry, the opportunities we offer may surprise you. To search our current openings and apply, click here.

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Bernie Clark
Executive Vice President, Charles Schwab
Sector: Financial

For more than 40 years, Schwab has been challenging the status quo to help investors and those who serve them transform lives and realize dreams. Every decision we make is based on seeing things through the eyes of our clients. To do that, we have to truly care about those we serve – and each other. And we do. Our culture of service makes Schwab a special place to work, where employees can literally change people lives. Schwabbies, as we’re known, are forward-thinking, optimistic and passionate. We value transparency and integrity, which are at the heart of all we do for our clients and one another.

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Schwab is dedicated to building and maintaining a dynamic organization and culture that reflect the individual strengths of every person who is a part of the company. Through diversity we gain a wider range of perspectives and experiences, which benefits everyone and helps us ‘see through clients’ eyes.’ And by seeing our business through the eyes of our clients, we are able to deliver the best client experience possible.

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Life at Schwab is inclusive – a place where people with different interests and different backgrounds can work together in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect.

True to our vision and values at Schwab, we believe that diversity and inclusion foster wealth. We define wealth as reaching beyond the creation of financial security. Wealth is also quality of life, the totality of each of our experiences, and the fulfillment of our dreams. Schwab’s definition of diversity transcends race and is partly attributed to our emphasis on inclusion – recognizing and valuing our differences. To this end, diversity and inclusion are woven into the fabric of our company. We invite you to experience us and to understand our vision- the Schwab beyond the verbiage, the accolades and the notoriety. Although we are proud of our accomplishments in this area so far, we continue to set new standards in enchancing our employees’ work environment, our clients’ experiences and our community outreach. Our goal is simple: we will raise the bar on Inclusion in every aspect of our business.