Top 5 Inspirational Women in Tech Blogs to Follow

women in tech blogs
According to the Pew Research Center, roughly 37% of Americans prefer to get their news online. Popular news sources range from social media to online newspapers, journals and even blogs.

When it comes to learning about an industry, reading a blog by someone in the industry can be insightful. This is especially true for women in the technology industry. Many women in tech blogs cover personal stories or share career advice to support other women interested in tech.

By and large, a great way to get inspired as a woman in technology is to read what other women are sharing. Plus, the perspectives found on women in tech blogs can shed some light for employers on women in the workplace.

Whether you’re looking for career advice or industry insight, these women in tech blogs provide valuable insights into the tech world.

Inspirational Women in Tech Blogs to Follow

Women Who Code

The first on our list of women in tech blogs to check out is from Women Who Code. Women Who Code is a non-profit organization that’s passionate about supporting women in the tech industry. The organization works toward this goal by providing valuable resources to educate women looking to enter the field.

Women Who Code also educates companies within the industry to hire better and retain talented women in tech. Women Who Code’s blog is part of these educational efforts and is a great resource for job seekers and employers.

Blog readers can learn more about industry talent through engineer to engineer interviews and catch up on the latest technical insights. Women Who Code also features various industry events where guests can learn about the organization.


Girls in Tech

Starting in 2007, Girls in Tech is a non-profit organization that has grown to 60,000 members worldwide. The organization began to give a voice to women in the tech industry as champions of inclusivity.

Girls in Tech’s blog offers a wide range of inspirational posts, from personal stories to important industry information. With posts by women from the industry, Girls in Tech works as a platform for women in tech to have their voices heard.

If Girls in Tech readers are looking for something to listen to, they have a podcast as well! This podcast features industry experts who discuss what’s happening in tech.


Built by Girls

More women are pursuing degrees in STEM, but statistics show that some STEM roles still see fewer women than men. Data shows that navigating the industry from the classroom to the workplace can be challenging for women.

Thankfully, women in tech blogs like Built By Girls make great resources for upcoming tech graduates.

Topics that Built by Girls covers include student life tips, how to get hired after college and workplace insights. In interviews with Built by Girls, women in the industry share their experience working in various tech roles. All in all, Built by Girls is a helpful resource to turn to for women entering tech after college.



With humble beginnings, SheCanCode has evolved into a support-hub for the industry. SheCanCode offers women in the industry or looking for a career change with helpful tools.

While SheCanCode has grown into a large community, their blog remains a wealth of knowledge for women in tech. Readers can dive into articles that describe the industry’s latest software or learn about new tech internships.

SheCanCode’s posts capture readers with a friendly and informative tone that makes any topic easy to understand. This blog is an excellent resource for anyone interested in a technology career or the industry as a whole.


Women 2.0

Women 2.0 was created to motivate innovative women in the tech industry. Their content covers an array of topics, both inside and outside of the workplace. Readers can turn to Women 2.0 for advice on entrepreneurship or learn what being a working tech mom is like.

Additionally, Women 2.0 offers reports that cover various areas of the tech industry. These data-based resources are eye-opening for both women in the industry as well as tech employers.

Other resources offered by Women 2.0 include workshops and courses. These talks guide you through tech management, financing in tech, important industry skills and more.


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