2020 Women in Tech Statistics and Trends

women in tech statistics
A lot of people came to 2020 with expectations when it came to technology. Some trends predicted for 2020 included the dawning of a new tech era with the launch of 5G.

As technology continues to evolve, so does the industry that innovates it. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the growth rate for STEM occupations is more than double the rate for non-STEM roles.

Additionally, companies within the tech industry are dedicated to creating unique opportunities through a more diverse workforce. To provide employees with the support they need, employers must understand more about their workforce. For the tech industry, an important area to examine is women in the industry.

Consider the following women in tech statistics to learn more about the industry’s changing demographics.

2020 Women in Tech Statistics

Women Continue to Pursue STEM Degrees

A rising trend in women in tech statistics is higher education. According to the National Science Foundation, more women are pursuing degrees in psychology and biology. The NSF data also shows that the number of women pursuing degrees in computer sciences has declined in the past two decades.

When it comes to getting a job, more women with STEM degrees work in STEM roles than men. However, this isn’t the case for every sector within STEM. According to the Pew Research Center, only 38% of women who major in computer science work in the field. In comparison, 53% of men with the same computer sciences degree are employed in computer sciences.

37% of Technology Startups Have Women in Leadership

One area that companies have strived to improve upon is women in leadership roles. In 2014, Silicon Valley Bank began its annual Startup Outlook Survey to address gender parity in startups.

This survey showed an increasing awareness of gender diversity. Despite this, over half of the startup companies surveyed shared they didn’t have any programs to increase the number of women in leadership.

The survey showed that women on a company’s founding team have risen when focusing on data from the tech industry. As of 2020, 26% of technology startups have at least one woman on its founding team.

Gender Balance in the Workplace Tied to Gender Discrimination

Gender imbalance in the workplace isn’t new. However, new research shows the gender balance of a workplace impacts the women working there.

In 2017, the Pew Research center conducted a survey to determine how men and women perceived gender balance at work. The survey found that women in a majority-male workplace were more likely to say their gender made getting ahead harder.

The survey also shows that there is a gap in the perception of how women are treated and diversity efforts. In majority-male workplaces, 38% of women felt that women received fair treatment in recruitment. Conversely, 70% of women in a majority-female workplace felt women received fair treatment when it came to promotions.

Grow Your Career at a Top Tech Company

More employers are realizing the importance of gender diversity in their workforce. Many companies have begun to prioritize diversity to create a more inclusive and supportive workplace for women. This movement towards a more inclusive workplace has created new and welcoming opportunities for women working within the tech field.

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