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Learn best practices for fostering diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Additionally, find the best ways to incorporate diversity into your hiring practices.

4 Tech Companies Committed to Prioritizing Diversity

Conversations around diversity in tech are happening more frequently in today’s world as companies look to find unique ways to create workplaces that reflect the diversity of their employees and customers. In an industry that’s generally thought of as heavily male, White, and Asian, these companies are changing the game with their diverse workforces and initiatives.
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55+ Ideas to Promote Inclusion and Workplace Diversity in 2020

Diversity and Inclusion—the hot button topic of HR practices today. All companies want to have a diverse workforce and be known for their inclusive environments. I mean, wouldn’t you? Workplace diversity is important, but becoming more diverse can be a struggle for some companies. Change is difficult, and many companies often don’t see the value of spending the time and capital for it.
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How Employers Can Support LGBT Diversity in the Workplace

The way the workforce defines diversity has changed in recent years. Both Millennials and Generation Z job seekers desire a diverse workplace that supports gender and race equality. Additionally, job seekers in these generations are asking employers for more support for LGBT employees. Promoting support for LGBT diversity in the workplace has become increasingly important over the last decade.
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How to Talk About Diversity in an Interview: Top Tips

Are you a multicultural job seeker, military veteran, part of the LGBT+ community, or have a disability? More than ever before, the answer is likely to be “yes.” Increasingly, employers pay attention to diversity and inclusion — so candidates should know how to talk about diversity in an interview setting.
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Best Companies for Gen Z

The U.S. workforce continues to evolve as more members of Generation Z join the job market. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the youngest members of the generation in the workforce are as old as 16 years old. As more of Gen Z search for a new job, companies have realized the need to change their hiring focus. By examining what makes Generation Z a unique working group, companies can better appeal to candidates.
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The Best Companies for LGBT Employees

As leaders in their industries, these companies take diversity and inclusion to heart by creating a welcoming environment for all of their diverse employees. Even though Pride celebrations have been postponed due to the pandemic, companies are still celebrating the LGBT community in a variety of ways.
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Best Companies for Millennials

Millennials are the largest generation in the U.S. labor force. According to the Pew Research Center, millennials account for about 35 percent of America’s workers. Often referred to as ‘Generation Me,’ millennials have different priorities than their predecessors. They are often compared to the civic-minded G.I. Generation and are incredibly socially conscious. With this in mind, companies should reconsider how to interact with millennials.
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