7 Large Companies Moving to Arizona in 2021

companies moving to arizona

The Grand Canyon State has seen an exceptional amount of employment growth in recent years. With an affordable cost of living and endless opportunities, many companies are moving to Arizona to take advantage of the growing talent pool available. Read on to learn a bit more about a few of the largest companies moving to the sunny state.

7 Large Companies Moving to Arizona


Just minutes from downtown Tempe, DoorDash has made its claim on Grand2 in Papago Park Center. After seeing tremendous growth at their Phoenix location, the company decided to move to Tempe to pursue further growth and offer plenty of employment opportunities to the area. The on-demand food delivery service moved into the new building in the spring of 2020 and is continuing its hire efforts. This new Arizona location focuses largely on sales and support functions.

Viavi Solutions

With a plan to relocate its headquarters to Chandler, Viavi Solutions is another company moving to Arizona in 2021. The company currently resides in Scottsdale as it awaits the new building that will house its employees. Viavi Solutions is a technology manufacturer specializing in network security and telecommunications. With the new building comes roughly 100 new job opportunities to the Chandler area.


A recent winner of the Fortune Best Workplaces in Technology, LiveRamp decided to expand their data connectivity expertise to Phoenix. The company will be opening 100 positions to recruit new talent to the industry beginning in the summer of 2021. Drawn to the state for the well of talent that Arizona boasts, they’ve begun construction of their new collaborative space in the sunny state.

Bonelli Doors + Windows

Bonelli Doors + Windows made their headquarters relocation this year to Mesa, AZ. As a new addition to the growing list of companies moving to Arizona, the company has exponential room for growth. Furthermore, they have also expanded the internship program to integrate into the community and partner with the local universities. With a goal of launching 17 new products in the next year, the manufacturing company is opening up plenty of opportunities for employment in the Mesa area.

Moov Technologies

Originally headquartered in Silicon Valley, Moov Technologies was yet another company that decided to move to Tempe, Arizona. During the pandemic, the online manufacturing equipment marketplace noticed an increased growth in the Arizona area that surpassed their San Francisco office, so the move felt natural for them. With continuous growth even now, Moov Technologies is always looking for new talent.

Mechanical Keyboards, LLC

For Arizona-based professionals interested in engineering and technology, Mechanical Keyboards, LLC may be the company for you. As one of the largest providers of mechanical keyboards globally, they provide a high-quality product through an extensive team of talented individuals. As one of the many companies moving to Arizona, they’re able to provide new jobs to professionals interested in software development and logistics.

Align Technology, Inc.

At the beginning of the year, Align Technology’s headquarters joined the list of companies moving to Arizona. The dental device company now calls Tempe home to its global corporate headquarters. The goal of this move is to provide the company the opportunity to expand its talent and higher quality orthodontic and dental devices to clients. The new headquarters will focus largely on recruiting a strong operations team, while the San Jose location will continue to focus on innovation.

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An influx of companies moving to Arizona means an increase in employment opportunities across the state. Whether you reside in Phoenix or call Tempe home, new companies are coming your way to offer professional growth experiences. You may even want to consider a move to the Grand Canyon State to find a new employment position in a sunny setting. Connect with BestCompaniesAZ today to learn more about all of the companies moving to Arizona.

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