October 4, 2017 BestCompaniesAZ

Work-Life Benefits: Vanguard Raises The Bar

When it comes to striking a happy balance between your work life and personal life, your job can either make it or break it. One company that offers excellent work-life benefits for employees is Vanguard, one of the world’s leading investment management firms.

The workplace awards Vanguard has received — including being named one of the Best Places To Work For New Dads — speak for themselves. They also spend time helping out in the community. Below, you’ll get a closer look into one of the 100 Best Arizona Companies and how Vanguard’s amazing benefits help attract and retain crew members (what Vanguard calls employees).

Work-Life Balance Benefits at Vanguard


Vanguard’s benefit program supports its crew  at all stages of their lives and their careers. Some recent enhancements focus on important events that nearly all crew will experience: welcoming children, acting as a caregiver, and pursuing or continuing education.

With Vanguard’s belief that their crew members deserve best-in-class parental leave, their revised benefits allow new parents to now remain eligible for six weeks of fully paid time off. Furthermore, mothers giving birth will also be eligible for up to 16 weeks with an increased disability benefit. Vanguard crew who become parents via adoption and surrogacy will receive assistance with associated costs, in addition to being eligible for equal time off.  

Recognizing that flexibility is key to a successful transition to parenthood, parents can each take the time off in increments that enable them to be home when they determine it is most needed.

Spending Time With Loved Ones In Tough Circumstances

Additionally, Vanguard’s new family care leave policy will grant their crew members two weeks of fully paid leave per year to care for ill family members. Time away from the office is important especially in such time-sensitive circumstances, and the company’s new leave supports this model. Increased bereavement leave will also give crew five days of leave and the flexibility they need following the death of a family member.

Making Time To Stay In Shape

Another one of Vanguard’s work life balance benefits is their ShipShape program. For just $15 a month, this allows employees to utilize professionally staffed, state-of-the-art fitness centers that offer a full range of programs and services to help you stay fit. In their Scottsdale location, Vanguard’s ShipShape program offers:

  • A variety of top-of-the-line fitness equipment
  • A large group exercise room
  • A cycling room
  • Fitness assessments & weight-loss challenges
  • Exercise classes
  • Personal training

Easing The Financial Stress Of Earning Your Degree

Lastly, Vanguard has recognized that the high costs associated with higher education impact an individual’s overall well-being. One of their newly unveiled work-life benefits is designed for this. Vanguard crew within five years of their graduation date from an undergraduate or graduate degree can now take advantage of a new student loan repayment plan. It provides a $100-per-month payment to loan servicers for a six-year term.

It’s one thing to carry out important work serving individual investors, institutions, employer-sponsored retirement plans and financial professionals. It’s another thing to integrate your aspirations and your life outside the office with your career. And Vanguard’s perks embrace all of the above.

To browse jobs and more work-life benefits at Vanguard, visit their Careers Page.