7 Work Apps to Improve Productivity, Management, & Culture

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Technology remains an integral part of our everyday lives. From getting top news stories to finding a new career online, more Americans rely on technology and online resources.

A significant impact that technology has had on our lives can be seen in the workplace. Today, employees have access to a wide variety of online resources to support their roles. One form of technology that has quickly become widespread in the workplace is software.

With the use of work apps, an employer can improve processes across almost every aspect of their business. Customer relationship management software can help a business manage customer relations, while an online workspace app can improve internal communications.

By and large, there are a wide variety of workplace apps that offer unique benefits to employees. To find the best employee app for your office, it’s essential to consider your employees’ needs. Is there a process that can be automated with an employee app to boost employee productivity? Are you looking to make company communications more transparent with an easy-to-navigate online interface?

Keep reading to discover the top employee apps to consider and the benefit each app can offer your business.

Best Work Apps to Improve Productivity, Management, and Culture


Slack is a work app for communication and collaboration. With Slack, employees can easily follow conversations in channels dedicated to specific topics, projects, or teams. Using work apps like Slack also boosts transparency by saving conversation histories, making it easier to find information when you need it.

Other features offered through Slack include direct message and voice and video calls. With your communication tools in one place, Slack helps your team make important decisions faster and boosts productivity.

Slack also offers a wide range of integrations with other work apps. For example, you can connect project management apps like Asana to Slack and share a project with a coworker much easier.

Cost: Plans start at $6.67 per person, per month.


Zendesk offers customer service workplace apps. In addition to its apps that help improve the customer experience, Zendesk also provides internal help desk apps for employees. Zendesk’s internal help desk app allows employees to receive a top-quality, consumer-like experience. By providing easy and reliable internal solutions, Zendesk helps employees improve their productivity in numerous ways.

One way that Zendesk helps improve productivity is through its function as a resource hub. Instead of spending time trying to find the answers they need, employees can quickly locate information in a self-service knowledge base. Zendesk also helps your support team through the use of AI. For example, someone could ask IT support a question, and Zendesk’s AI can respond by sending related internal articles on the topic. This helps reduce time spent on each support ticket, which is beneficial as you scale your business.

Cost: Plans start at $49 per person, per month.


SpaceIQ provides several work apps that help employees enhance the way they interact, navigate and maximize workplace resources.

With SpaceIQ, employers can enhance the workplace experience of their employees. SpaceIQ is unique because it allows employees to find other employees or usable spaces in the office easily. This cuts down on time spent searching for a teammate and allows for more time to focus on what matters.

Space IQ also makes it easier to reserve meeting rooms and log maintenance tickets. Employees can quickly see the features of a meeting room and reserve it for use. If something doesn’t work, employees can use SpaceIQ to log a maintenance or IT ticket with details of their issue.

Cost: For pricing, contact SpaceIQ to request a demo.


Connecteam is an employee management mobile app that provides employers with multiple management solutions in one place.

Some of the features of Connecteam include multiple communication tools, a native time clock, in-app scheduling, and even checklists and forms.

Using Connecteam’s time management feature allows employers to track and manage the hours that employees work easily. With built-in reminders, Connecteam’s time clock reduces the hassle of logging time. Plus, employers can use this information with Connecteam’s scheduling app to better manage team shifts.

With Connecteam’s training features, new hires can access a mobile knowledge base that can be used anywhere. In addition, Connecteam makes it easier for employees to access and complete necessary task reports with mobile-first checklists and forms.

Cost: Free plans offer the app with limited features for an unlimited time. Paid plans start at $39 per month.


When looking for ways to build company culture intentionally, work apps like Energage are beneficial to try.

Energage is an employee engagement workplace platform that offers several app solutions: workplace surveys, insights into data, and survey creation.

Through Energage’s workplace survey, employers can easily start conversations with employees about the workplace. Workplace apps like Energage help employers uncover important cultural drivers that can be used to increase employee retention.

Energage also offers employers customizability when making workplace surveys. Instead of creating a survey by hand, employers can select research-based questions that experts have tested at Energage.

Cost: Pricing can be obtained by contacting Energage to request a demo.


Gusto is a cloud-based payroll and employee management app.

With Gusto, employers can help simplify the payroll process for their HR department. Using Gusto’s native time tracking, employers can keep track of employee hours. In addition, Gusto can sync this data automatically and reduce time spent on running payroll.

Gusto’s payroll work app also helps compliance processes when filing taxes. Unlike other payroll apps for employees, Gusto includes a feature that can automatically file taxes with the appropriate government agencies each time payroll is run.

Another feature that makes Gusto unique is its employee app, Gusto Wallet. When an employer uses Gusto, their employees can utilize Gusto Wallet to access their paychecks and even set savings goals.

Cost: Plans start at $6 per person, per month in addition to a $39 per month base price.


Rippling is the best employee app to manage employee apps. Rippling is a centralized location for setting up, managing, and disabling all employees’ apps.

Rippling grants access to users based on an employee’s role, department, and more. This function is especially beneficial for onboarding new employees and rolling out new workplace apps. Employers can also sync HR data with Rippling to ensure employees always have access to the right apps. So, if an employee is promoted or transferred to another department, Rippling will update their work app access.

Rippling also makes it easier to disable access to apps when an employee leaves a company. This reduces the amount of time HR spends on offboarding an employee.

Cost: Plans start at $8 per month, per person.

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