August 14, 2019 BestCompaniesAZ

Women’s Equality Day: Meet Schwabbie Kimberly Clark

Did you know each August we celebrate Women’s Equality Day? The day honors the ratification of the 19thamendment to the U.S. Constitution, which gave women the right to vote.  In honor of Women’s Equality Day, meet Phoenix Schwabbie Kimberly Clark, who blends her passions for pageantry and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) into a unique career and life.

Kimberly Clark is a doer. She recently ran the Great Wall of China half marathon.  Before that, she explored the ice caves in Iceland. She’s just one of those people who lives with passion both in her personal life and in her professional one.

“I wanted to be an engineer,” remembers Kimberly.  “I’ve always had a fascination with how things work. So I went to university for electrical engineering technology in Chicago. I also hold a master’s degree in information management from Arizona State University.”

After some time working for a top consulting firm, Kimberly decided she wanted to a make a change. So she quit her job and moved to Ecuador to volunteer.

“It was important to me to do good in the world, and I also wanted time to write the next great novel,” says Kimberly.  “But life worked out differently and after a few years, I decided to move back home to Chicago and eventually ended up in Phoenix, landing a job at Schwab as a contractor.”

Thirteen years ago, Kimberly became a fulltime employee.  “What first attracted me to Schwab is the firm’s commitment to volunteerism and the community, and what’s kept me here is the culture and people.  There are so many opportunities here.  Leadership listens to ideas.  And you can reinvent yourself at Schwab.”

In that spirit, Kimberly moved to Schwab Technology Services a year ago to help stand up a new organization focusing on technology governance and control analytics.

But there’s another side to Kimberly.  She initially found success as a fitness competitor (sort of adult gymnastics if you’re unfamiliar).  That interest later led her to the Miss United States National Pageant.

“There’s an adult category in the pageant system,” says Kimberly.  “In my first pageant, I failed miserably, but I had so much fun.  A few years passed and I decided to try again and be unapologetically myself.  In 2017, I won Ms. Woman Arizona.  I went to the national competition and placed in the top five.  I had so much support from Schwab and from my colleagues, it really made the experience special.”

As part of her pageant work, Kimberly developed a platform she remains dedicated to.  It focuses on women in technology and STEM careers.  Recently, she partnered with the Arizona Science Center to host an event for elementary aged girls called Rock With Us.  The event consisted of an expert panel and the chance for kids to participate in hands on projects.

“When you start connecting the dots with young women, they start to realize STEM is everywhere. They learn to understand that technology is so involved in so many of the things that are part of their everyday lives.  And I get to bring that passion to work, too.”

Join women like Kimberly who are living #Schwablife today, to learn more visit https://www.aboutschwab.com/women.