Best Women’s Coworking Spaces in Phoenix to Check Out

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Nowadays, coworking spaces are in every major city to accommodate an ever-growing number of remote workers. In fact, estimates show that until 2022 the number of coworking spaces may grow at an annual rate of 6% in the U.S. alone. On the other hand, this figure is 13% in other countries!

If you find yourself jumping around between coffee shops in Phoenix and need a more permanent home for your laptop and yourself, then a coworking space may be the answer.

Whether you work remotely for a great company or are launching your own venture, surrounding yourself with a solid work community will help support you along the way. Craving a professional sisterhood? Check out these amazing women’s coworking spaces in Phoenix!

Women-Focused Coworking Spaces ‍ ♀️

Hera Hub: Phoenix Biltmore Area

Credit: @herahub

Hera Hub is a women-focused coworking space in the Biltmore area just off the 51 in Phoenix. While they have several other locations welcoming entrepreneurial women across the country, the Phoenix branch opened recently in 2017. With a spa-inspired coworking space, women have tons of inspiration to boost productivity and reach a new level of professionalism. In addition, members get access to tons of events for professional development to help them thrive as boss ladies. Oh, and one more thing! While Hera Hub is female-focused, men are still welcome.

Discover a community of like-minded entrepreneurial women who connect and collaborate, share resources, and gain the tools for their business.

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Thrive: Gilbert

Credit: @thrivecowork

Thrive provides a welcoming, open environment for women to…well, thrive! Book a conference room to meet with clients or host presentations. Members can also mingle with other professional women over a warm cup of complimentary tea and coffee. You get access around the clock, weekly yoga classes, a beautiful workspace, and of course a supportive community. With a downtown Gilbert location, members have tons of foodie options to choose from. As far as women’s coworking spaces go, Thrive is also quite affordable. Choose from a trial promo, daily rate, monthly pass, or nighttime option to get your membership started!

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Looking to mix and mingle in some other cute spaces? Take a look at these creative co-ed coworking spaces in Phoenix! ‍

womens professional development

Other Opportunities for Women’s Leadership in Phoenix

For women who want to explore more professional development opportunities to grow their careers, here are a few communities in the Phoenix area that can help.

Professional Women’s Alliance

Credit: Professional Women’s Alliance

The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce brings women together through the Professional Women’s Alliance. Here, women can also connect with peers and other businesswomen to share insights. Check in to learn about regular events surrounding leadership, career growth, and community involvement.

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Women’s Enterprise Foundation

WEF 2018 Annual Breakfast
Credit: @WomensEnterpriseFoundation

The Women’s Enterprise Foundation (WEF) is a 501(c)3 charitable organization that supports and inspires emerging women business owners within the greater Phoenix area who have a demonstrated business development need or who would benefit from specialized educational training and development opportunities. How? They do this by supporting women through scholarships and grants. Some target causes are, for example, further education, leadership training, and opportunities to succeed professionally.

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Arizona Women’s Education and Entrepreneur Center

Credit: @AweeCenterAZ

The Arizona Women’s Education and Entrepreneur Center supports the growth and development of women-owned small businesses. So, even if you have a membership to a great women’s coworking space in Phoenix, you’ll find valuable resources to gain here, as well. In addition to a supportive community, the AWEEc provides free resources, workshops, 1-on-1 counseling, mentoring and more. Not to mention, you’ll find all of these in both English and Spanish!

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