May 11, 2018 BestCompaniesAZ

Winning the War on Talent: Recruitment- Webinar Review

In April’s webinar, Winning the War on Talent: Recruitment, recruitment professionals discussed a variety of topics. Speakers Denise Gredler, Lindsay M. Smith, and Michael S. Seaver gave insight on topics such as trends impacting recruitment, data from’s Top Companies to Work for in Arizona award, Arizona’s Most Admired Companies award, innovative client approaches and key lessons learned through 15+ years of serving our community.

Results from live polling uncovered that finding qualified applicants was a challenge for the webinar attendees. We learned that attendees were relying heavily on job boards such as Simply Hired, LinkedIn, and Indeed to find talent.

Michael Seaver, a leadership consulting professional, kicked off  the webinar by discussing workforce demographics and their influence on talent acquisition. He reviewed the different generations that exist in the workplace- addressing their similarities and differences. Seaver shared studies about the influence of a diverse workforce on company culture, financial performance, communication, innovation, employee retention, and the recruitment process.

Live polling results showed that many webinar attendees do not have a defined employer brand or talent CRM. However, attendees did have informational career pages and job descriptions and were sourcing proactively.

Lindsay M. Smith, Vice President of Brand Evangelism for BestCompaniesAZ, followed Seaver’s discussion with a discourse on the shortcomings of traditional interviewing processes. She shared about the value of untraditional interviewing approaches such as events, in-job auditions, casual interviews, and virtual reality. Lindsay reviewed big data and how human resources teams can use it. She also shared the best practices for the creation and use of a talent CRM. Smith concluded her discussion with a review of the importance of transparency when sharing about your organizational culture, employee stories, and when reaching out to candidates.  

To conclude the webinar, Seaver and BestCompaniesAZ CEO Denise Gredler talked about BestCompaniesAZ’s involvement with the Top Companies to Work for in Arizona award. Gredler gave insight on recruitment trends and what it takes for a company to make the list. Seaver and Denise discussed a variety of Arizona’s Most Admired Companies award winners. They dove deep into what those companies are doing to retain engaged employees and recruit talent.

What Have We Learned About Recruitment?

The greatest lessons that BestCompaniesUSA has learned while consulting on recruitment topics and building employer brands include:

  • Commitment to a process is more important than outcomes
  • Expanding your employee referral program draws in a greater number of quality hires
  • Never underestimate the value of creative branding
  • Invest in your recruiter’s skill development
  • Utilize your talent CRM to build community and share culture

If you’re like our webinar attendees, you desire more creative and defined recruitment efforts, but fail to implement successful recruitment activities. You might also need more insight on recruiting in new places. Listening to it on our podcast may be just the thing you need to kick-start your recruitment process!

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