April 24, 2020 BestCompaniesAZ

What to Look for in a Job Before Committing

Finding a job with the right work-life balance is a great way to start feeling happier at work. Not only can work-life balance reduce stress, but it can help prevent burnout.

Defining work-life balance is different for everyone. For example, many Gen Z job seekers seek flexible work but draw the line at working outside of their preferred schedule.

Many job benefits can foster work-life balance; so, we’ve put together this list of some top benefits to consider when looking for a new career.

Knowing What to Look For in a Job

Welcoming Company Culture

One of the first things to consider when searching for a job is a company’s culture. Are the company’s values clear to you as you look at their website, social media, or other information?

Finding a company with a culture you feel comfortable in can make a job all the more enjoyable.

Plus, it’s been shown that a supportive company culture can lead employees to have a better work-life balance.

In Phoenix, companies like GoDaddy prioritize healthy company culture by focusing on the health of their employees.

Clear Career Development

One of the most important factors that job seekers are looking for is career development.

A job that provides integrated career development programs may be more appealing because it promises growth without requiring overtime to achieve it.

In other words, work-life balance is still a priority so that an employee can grow at their own pace.

Supportive Employee Resources

A way to tackle stress in the workplace is by providing employees with the resources they need. For example, companies like Vanguard have robust policies to support LGBT employees.

Not only does Vanguard have diverse policies that protect its employees, but it also provides support with its Crew Resource Groups.

These CRGs focus on giving employees an enriching experience by encouraging them to share their unique perspectives.

All in all, both employees and employers benefit from the knowledge these programs provide as well as the diversity they encourage in the workplace.


It may seem simple, but the location of a job can be a game-changer when it comes to changing careers.

If your current job requires a long commute, finding a new job that is closer can be beneficial. Plus, you’d be able to spend less time commuting, and more time on the things you need to or want to do.

Some companies have commuter programs in place for their employees as well. These benefits include parking or transportation benefits like bus or train passes. The kind of benefits you’re looking for depend on the transportation you use the most.

Are you looking for a new career with the perfect work-life balance for your needs?

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