What To Look For In a Best Company

A good employer makes going to work each day fun, rewarding, and challenging. When searching for jobs, look for companies with the best benefits, happy employees, and positive company culture. These are signs of the best places to work.

The best company is the one that meets your needs in terms of location, flexibility, hours, culture, work/life balance, career development potential, and salary. There are many great companies out there, so take your time to find the one that’s just the right fit.

In this article, we’ll take a look at eight things you should look for when seeking out the best companies when you want a change in your career.

What Makes a Company a “Best Company?”

The best companies to work for are those that care about and support their employees while also challenging them to grow with the business. At these companies, managers and their employees trust and respect each other and have a shared commitment to both individual and company success. Great companies try to meet their employees’ financial, mental, physical, and emotional needs.

As a result, employees are often more productive, satisfied, and willing to stay at the company long-term. This creates a positive feedback loop where the best employees are more likely to stick around, leading to a better overall corporate culture and higher levels of productivity. It’s no wonder that the best companies in the world are always looking for ways to better support their employees.

8 Characteristics That The Best Companies Have

To be considered a great place to work, a company should have the following eight characteristics:

1. A Positive Company Culture

The best companies have a positive company culture that employees can buy into. This means having shared values, a clear purpose, and a commitment to employee development. It also includes things like social activities, flexible work hours, and open communication. When everyone is working towards the same goal and supporting each other, this creates a positive environment where employees can thrive. Recent employee surveys verify that many companies here in Arizona exemplify a positive culture. The top companies often receive recognition and win local and national “best place to work” awards.  

Axon recently was certified by Great Place to Work®, winning their prestigious award based entirely on what current employees say about their experience working at Axon. Axon’s recent employee survey results showed that 89% of employees said Axon is a great place to work – 32 points higher than the average U.S. company. Also worth noting, Axon was recently recognized as a 2022 Arizona Most Admired Company and won the spotlight award for Workplace Culture. Clearly, Axon’s dedication to positive company culture has paid off and benefited their happy employees. 

Achieve, formerly Freedom Financial, is regularly recognized by its employees as a Best Place to Work. They have consistently won the Phoenix Business Journal Best Place to Work award, ranking #1 for many years. This impressive company was also recognized as a Top Workplaces in Arizona and 2022 Arizona Most Admired Company.  

One Arizona non-profit group is continually recognized for its award-winning culture. Habitat For Humanity was recently recognized as one of Arizona’s Top Companies and Most Admired Companies this year. They value their employees and volunteers and showcase this in their every action. 

2. Supportive Management

The best companies have managers who support their employees’ professional and personal development. They give clear direction, provide adequate resources, and delegate tasks appropriately. They also give honest feedback, praise employees for their successes, and encourage them to grow within the company. As a result, employees feel valued and appreciated, which leads to higher levels of engagement and motivation.

At Workiva, the management strives to support every aspect of employee development. The company was recognized as one of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For® for the 4th consecutive year. Workiva utilizes innovative management practices and company-wide initiatives like paid volunteer hours and mental health support. This is a company that practices top-down holistic employee support. 

Another company with excellent supportive management practices is Desert Financial. Their leaders from across the company came together to launch an innovative DEI program. Many successful Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) have arisen from this program, including the recent Professional Development ERG. This ERG aims to support employees’ professional growth with a DEI lens and create learning opportunities for all employees. 

3. Opportunities for Growth

The best companies offer their employees opportunities for growth both within the company and in their careers. This might include things like training programs, mentorship programs, tuition assistance, and job shadowing. It also includes opportunities to take on new challenges and responsibilities. When employees feel like they can grow and develop in their professional life, they are more likely to be engaged and motivated to do their best work. 

At Equity Methods, there are a plethora of growth opportunities designed to propel employees toward a great career. Employees have a manager and mentor dedicated to assisting them in building valuable skills. Equity Methods also prioritizes out-of-the-office experiences like business trips, cross-team initiatives, off-site training, and team-building events designed to promote networking and employee growth. 

4. Competitive Compensation

The best companies offer competitive compensation packages that attract and retain the best talent. This includes things like base salary, bonuses, 401(k) matching, and stock options. It also includes benefits like health insurance, paid time off, and parental leave. By offering a competitive compensation package, the best companies are able to attract and retain the best employees. The Upgrade compensation package offers a competitive salary and stock option plan, paid parental leave, health and wellness initiatives, and other great benefits. With this competitive compensation offer, Upgrade can attract and retain top talent. 

As a Comparably Best Company Compensation 2022 winner, KUBRA goes above and beyond to provide excellent competitive compensation packages. This is a company that understands the value of its employees and strives to compensate them appropriately. 

5. Work-Life Balance

The best companies understand that their employees have lives outside of work, and they strive to create a healthy work-life balance. This might include flexible work hours, working from home, paid time off, and personal leave. It also includes things like on-site childcare, gym memberships, and wellness programs. When employees have a healthy work-life balance, they are more likely to be productive and engaged at work. 

In addition to its dedication to community involvement, GoDaddy is also a champion of green initiatives. Their ERG GoDaddy green program is a community for employees who are passionate about sustainability. This focus on going green is echoed in GoDaddy’s 2021 commitment to reduce their scope 1 and 2 emissions by at least 50% by 2025. 

Another best company with a culture of community and work-life balance is Donor Network of Arizona. This Arizona company has an award-winning employee wellness program, offers a generous PTO program, and has 10 paid holidays a year. This is a company that understands supporting proper work-life balance leads to happier, healthier employee

6. A Commitment To Diversity

The best companies are committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. They understand that a diverse workforce brings different perspectives and ideas, which can lead to innovation and creativity. They also know that a diverse workplace is a more inclusive workplace. The best companies make an effort to hire a diverse workforce and create a welcoming environment where everyone can feel valued and respected.


At KUBRA, diversity and inclusion are priorities in everything they do. Their employees verify that KUBRA is a safe and welcoming workspace for all and has even received two Best Place To WorkⓇ awards for inclusion and best workplace for women. 

Another company with a history of dedicated commitment to diversity is Axon. Rick Smith of Axon has been recognized as one of the Best CEOs for Diversity this year. Comparably’s annual list of Best CEOs for Diversity represents the top-ranked CEOs, based solely on anonymous sentiment ratings from employees of color (non-Caucasian). Clearly, Axon has a top-down approach to promoting diversity.

7. Community Involvement

The best companies are involved in their communities and give back to those in need. This might include things like volunteering, fundraising, sponsorships, and donations. It also includes programs that help employees get involved in their communities, like paid time off to volunteer.

At CarMax, they promote their Volunteer Team-Builder program, which is when five or more employees volunteer together with a qualifying nonprofit. The CarMax Foundation will even directly support the organization with a donation. 

Spear Education is one of the top companies dedicated to community involvement. Each employee receives a full paid day off that is spent volunteering in the local community. This service-oriented company takes local involvement seriously. 

GoDaddy is another company that prioritizes community involvement and supports employees who give back. All employees receive 20 hours of annual PTO to volunteer in their local communities. In addition, employees are given an annual $1,500.00 community rewards budget to support their favorite nonprofits, along with GoDaddy’s dollar-for-dollar matching program. In total, these GoDaddy programs have resulted in more than 57,000 volunteer hours. 

8. Green Initiatives

The best companies are committed to sustainability and have green initiatives in place to reduce their impact on the environment. This might include recycling programs, energy-efficient lighting, water conservation efforts, and sustainable office supplies. It also includes things like telecommuting options and hybrid vehicles. By being environmentally conscious, the best companies are able to attract and retain employees who care about making a difference.

In addition to its dedication to community involvement, GoDaddy is also a champion of green initiatives. Their ERG GoDaddy green program is a community for employees who are passionate about sustainability. This focus on going green is echoed in GoDaddy’s 2021 commitment to reduce their scope 1 and 2 emissions by at least 50% by 2025. 

When looking for a new job, it is important to consider the company’s culture and core values. The best companies will have a positive work environment, supportive management, opportunities for growth, competitive compensation, work-life balance, a commitment to diversity, community involvement, and green initiatives. By considering these factors, you can find a company that is the best fit for you and your career.

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