You Quit Your Job. 3 Steps For a Total Reset.

what to do after quitting job

After you quit your job, what happens next? That is what people wonder about once they hand in their resignation letter. How do you cope with the aftershocks of handing over that piece of paper? When should you go back to work? So many questions may flood your mind. We understand this is a challenging time, which is why we’ve outlined what to do after quitting your job to make the transition a little easier.

I Just Quit My Job. Now What?

You just packed up your desk and are wondering what to do after quitting your job. Well, it all depends on how it happened. If you had an easy time at your workplace, the aftermath might happen quickly. You might have told some people ahead of time before sending off your letter, so it would be better received when you handed it in. Afterwards, whether the news is out or not, there will likely be a sense of relief. You no longer have to worry about what will happen at your workplace.

On the other hand, if you struggled with your job or had a bad relationship with your employer, quitting might feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. However, it is important to remember that there might be some consequences following your departure.

The most common repercussion is having to explain why you left to future employers. This could lead to a black mark on your record and make it difficult to find a new job. Additionally, don’t burn bridges with former colleagues and friends who still work at the company. It is important to stay in touch with these people and keep communication lines open — they may be able to give you inside information or help in the future.

Despite these possible repercussions, what comes next after quitting can still be positive; it just takes some time and reflection to handle it smoothly.

What To Do After Quitting a Job: 3 Steps Forward

What happens next depends on how you left the company. If you just quit your job, don’t pressure yourself to jump onto the next opportunity just because. Reflect on what went wrong at your old job and what could be better in your next position. It is important to reflect on why you quit so that you can move forward to a better situation.

After quitting a job, take some time off to reflect, if possible. Enjoy a little bit of extra freedom by spending time with family and friends or exploring your passions. This will allow you some down time and a nice break from your previous routine. It does not have to be all fun and games. You can explore self-care activities, such as exercising or cooking healthy food, or try learning a new hobby or skill you’re interested in.

1. Realigning Priorities After Quitting

After your short break, it’s time to get down to business once again. Getting a new job is what comes next, and how you do it will determine your success. It is important to set up some ground rules for what you want in an ideal job and what would make for a dream company culture.

As tempting as it may be, do not just take the first thing that comes along! Also, remember that it might be time to switch up your needs list — maybe what you were looking for before in a career does not mesh with what you want now.

2. Networking After Quitting

Networking plays an important role in virtually every industry. Start contacting people right away about what they are working on or if they are aware of any openings. If there are none, reach out to people in other industries and see what their experience has been like. The online job boards of companies like LinkedIn and BestCompaniesAZ are great resources to find networking and job opportunities.

3. Job Hunting After Quitting

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Start applying to jobs! However, what you do before job hunting can determine how successful you will be. It is important to have a strong resume that stands out. Spend some time updating and refining your resume during the break from work. Do some research on which companies would be the best match for you and what positions are available. Remember, just because you left your last job does not mean you are doomed in the hunt! In fact, this gives you a chance to start fresh and find your ideal fit.

What To Do After Quitting Your Job: More Tips

If you had quit your job with no opportunities waiting, don’t panic. Take the break as a chance to rest, realign your priorities, and upskill if needed. If you feel worried, talking with a family member or a close friend about what happened might help.

You can also prepare for the aftermath even before you quit. Take time away from work to get yourself together before seeking out what comes next. If possible, use up all the days left of your paid vacation so as not to cost yourself money as well as downtime when you leave.

Take time to evaluate yourself, your skills, desires, and passions. Quitting your job gives you an exciting opportunity to change the course of your career, so take advantage of it! Remember that what comes next after quitting is a new beginning and an opportunity to do things differently.

Quit Your Job? BestCompaniesAZ Can Help You Bounce Back

Leaving a job is not always an easy decision, but it can be the best thing for your mental and emotional health. There are many things to consider after quitting, such as what to do next, how to realign priorities, and where to start networking. The most important thing is that you take some time for yourself before jumping into anything new. Jobs come and go, but you will always have yourself!

BestCompaniesAZ has helped many job seekers land their best and most fulfilling roles after quitting their jobs. We offer a wide range of resources to assist you in finding your dream job and have an extensive network of partners with ample open opportunities. After quitting your job, we can help connect you with companies now hiring to make the job hunt more seamless. Contact us today to learn more about finding your next role.

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