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What Can I Do With An English Degree?

So, you’re nearing graduation and have not yet decided on a career path. In college, you chose to pursue an English major and, throughout your time in school, enjoyed carrying out your  passion for writing and literature. You might be asking: ‘What can I do with an English degree?’

A bachelor’s degree in English is useful for various entry-level positions in the working world. We have some useful advice for any lover of words who’s wondering how an English degree can propel you into a successful career.

What Can I Do With An English Degree?

Digital Marketing Content Writing (SEO)

The bottom line: Businesses need great writers. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a growing field that helps companies show up higher in Google search. If you’re asking yourself ‘What can I do with an English degree?’, consider digital marketing. A career in SEO and content writing entails blogging for clients, social media curation, and potentially learning how to use tools such as Google Analytics to track and measure website success. Whether you aim to snag an in-house content/SEO job, or work for a digital marketing company and manage many clients, you have options.


Freelance copywriters often also hold an English degree. You can easily create a profile on sites like Upwork to start getting paid to write copy. To take it a step further, apply for this creative position within a company’s creative or marketing department. Do you have an eye for creativity and a knack for words? That’s all you need. Copywriting tends to combine creative writing and advertising. It involves proofreading and editing copy, making online banner ads, writing digital as well as print copy, and engaging in social media campaigns on Facebook and Twitter.

Technical Writing For Businesses

Still asking ‘What can I do with an English degree?’ Well, have you wondered who writes the instruction manuals for products and appliances? With technology constantly evolving and the demand for consumer goods rising, technical writing offers a field where many English majors can pursue a lucrative living. Technical writers create those instructional booklets and communicate complex information in a simple-to-understand way to consumers. Consider this role on the job hunt!


Public relations offers another excellent career opportunity for English majors. If you have a way with words, then put PR on your radar. A background in English or journalism will prosper in this digital-driven field. It requires research, database maintenance and excellent communication skills. PR is thought of as the strategic, marketing-based sibling of journalism. When it comes to your writing skills, PR specialists use the AP Style method to craft company newsletters, press releases and social media posts.

Social Media Management

Whether you wish to freelance and build your own clientele or work in-house, you can easily become a social media manager. If you feel you need more experience and training, enlist the help of an online program such as Social Media University. Handling multiple social media platforms and clients can be daunting, but you can still put your creativity and writing skills to use. This role involves marketing, creative writing, communication and branding.

The wonderful thing about these careers is that you can continue to flex your writing muscle — and also contribute your talents to these in-demand fields. You have plenty of valuable skills to bring to the table with a bachelor’s degree in English. Forget the cliche of liberal arts majors perpetually working as baristas; your qualifications and expertise with writing can take you far.

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