What are FinTech Jobs and Where to Get One in Arizona

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Technology is at the center of everything we do nowadays. There’s a gadget or smartphone application for all of your needs! It’s not just individuals who are taking notice of this development. Progressive finance companies are now identifying themselves as FinTech business as they create new ways to leverage technology in their products and services.

The FinTech industry is a merge between the finance industry and the technology sector. FinTech, short for financial technology, utilizes computer programs and other forms of technology to support banking and financial services. Real life examples of financial technology applications are smartphone banking applications. Moreover, advanced forms of technology like software applications and artificial intelligence are used to automate traditional banking services.

In short, the continuous advancement of technology is changing the way we bank and disrupting traditional banks. How do employees fit into this new business model? In this article, we’ve answered a couple of questions you might have about FinTech.

What are FinTech Jobs?

As said before, FinTech is a conglomerate of finance and technology services. But, what are FinTech jobs and how do you fit into this space? Ultimately, specialists in the finance and technology sectors may find the transition to FinTech the easiest because there is still a demand for these professionals. Likewise, if you have experience in similar industries you may find that the jump to FinTech isn’t that far. However, what about job seekers who don’t have experience in either industry? We address how and where you can find FinTech jobs in the next section. Keep reading!

Where To Find A FinTech Job In Arizona?

Opportunity is everywhere in the FinTech, especially in Arizona! Several companies have made the transition to FinTech to better serve their customers, and to capitalize on the opportunity that lies in this field. Additionally, FinTech jobs are not limited to finance and technology professionals! Because the industry is still in its early stages, people of diverse backgrounds can apply their specialties to make the move into FinTech. Below, we’ve listed a few FinTech technologies that are setting the standard for the FinTech industry.

Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab is a leading FinTech company in the industry! The company believes that investing is an act of optimism and commitment to the future. It also believes that this is true for its employees which is why it offers comprehensive benefits to its employees.


Vanguard proudly serves as one of the world’s largest investment firms. Finance professionals and technology specialist work in tandem to provide top-line services. Whether you’re fresh out of college or ready for a career change, Vanguard has plenty of opportunities to explore.

American Express

American Express combines the best of both finance and technology worlds. Many of the companies services implement technology; for example, its online banking system, and smartphone application. American Express is the perfect FinTech company is you enjoy writing code, working with APIs, creating breakthrough software, and identifying opportunities for new technologies.

FinTech is a thriving industry perfect for finance and technology professionals. Additionally, there is room for all individuals with varying skill sets who want to change fields and progress their career.


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