Valuing Diversity At Work: A Personal Story From Hyatt

By Lee Vikre | @LeeVikre

Robert Hauk is in Corporate Central Revenue Management for Hyatt. As a founding member and co-Executive Sponsor of Veterans@Hyatt, he shared his insights with BestCompaniesAZ on the benefits of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and his enthusiasm for Hyatt as an employer.

BCAZ: Why did you decide to get involved in an ERG?
RH: I am a military veteran, and I thought a group tailored specifically to our military affiliated employees would help further Hyatt’s mission of Care and Purpose with our employees and our local communities, and assist in expanding our talent pool of leadership. That desire led to me working with our corporate office in founding the group.

BCAZ: What types of activities does your ERG focus on?
RH: Our group has primarily been focused on our overall development within our company and delivering our message to our colleagues and shareholders. We have also had the opportunity to participate in community training programs such as Code Platoon, attend military career events like BestCompaniesAZ’s Career Events and Military Mojo, as well as work with our hotels on fundraising and local events such as Pat’s Run.

BCAZ: Does your group have an executive sponsor or champion? Do you interact with senior leadership as part of the ERG?
RH: Our group’s executive sponsor is Doug Patrick, SVP of Human Resources for our Americas division. I work with Doug directly as I serve as the Co-Executive sponsor of the group.

BCAZ: How is ERG leadership chosen? What potential impact does ERG leadership have on careers?
RH: First and foremost, we look for anyone with the desire to make a difference. Volunteers are always welcome. The ERG allows you to network with people you might have not met otherwise.

BCAZ: What sorts of experiences have you had by being part of the ERG?
RH: I’ve had the opportunity to attend diversity and inclusion training and planning conferences for Hyatt, work at various events with our corporate recruiting team and meet a lot of people along the way! The biggest opportunities I have are to develop my strategic planning and leadership skills and to assist my fellow colleagues.

BCAZ: Why have you enjoyed working for your company?
RH: Hyatt Hotels has provided me with unlimited opportunity for growth and learning. We are a worldwide organization that encourages our employees to work in different brands, to continuously seek self-improvement, and to have fun!  I’ve never been told that something isn’t possible when I have a suggestion. No matter what your position, your opinion matters.  While we show up to work every day, the level of camaraderie within our organization makes it feel like family.

BCAZ: Why do you recommend your company as a good place for diverse candidates to apply?
RH: Hyatt values a diverse workforce in which employees are encouraged to be themselves and work to their full potential. The sky is the limit and we are always looking for great talent to join our team.

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