Get Your Career Moving

U-Haul Company Profile

2727 N Central Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85004
32,000+ Employees Nationwide
4,000 Arizona Employees
Manufacturing/Moving & Storage


We work at never forgetting that our quality self-move, self-storage, and closely related services and products are to improve human lives. We work at never forgetting that these collective services and products are for the do-it-yourself moving public.

Reasons to Be Here

Get your career moving with a company who empowers team members to the healthiest version of themselves! We provide robust wellness benefits, events and resources to help team members becomes the happiest and healthiest they can be.

Through volunteer opportunities for our employees to in-kind donations of equipment, products, and services. U-Haul is committed to helping the communities in which we do business in.


We are a strong supporter of our troops, providing ample employment opportunities and partnering with military and veteran organizations to support and honor those who have served.

We are committed to sustainability through environmental protection, social responsibility and economic efficiency. U-Haul is dedicated to continually improving the performance of our products, services, and activities.

Employee Testimonials

“Flexibility is one of my favorite things about working here, I was able to take a year off to go to school and keep my job. Through the years I have had some great bosses; the stability is great. I’m not going anywhere!”

– Accounts Payable Reviewer, Team Member Since: 2009

“I started off my U-Haul career in Emergency Roadside Service, but I always wanted to be a developer. The company is so big, so when a position opened up on the IT team, I knew that was where I wanted to be. For me, the ability to move up and advance is the reason that I have enjoyed working for U-Haul for so many years.”

– Software Developer, Team Member Since: 1999

“I am fortunate to have found a company that encourages me to do what I am good at. Why go anywhere else? In my current position, I like the fact that I work with just about every division of the company in some capacity, through some type of project.”

– Account Executive Manager, Team Member Since: 1979