Best Types of Insurance Jobs to Explore

types of insurance jobs
Did you know that the insurance sector has grown into a booming industry with approximately 2.66 million U.S. employees working in the field?

What makes the insurance sector attractive is great job security and solid pay. In other words, the need for talented insurance professionals is strong!

Below, we’ve detailed different types of insurance jobs and what you need to know before taking the deep dive into the insurance sector.

What Types of Insurance Jobs Can You Get?

1. Actuary

An actuary compiles and analyzes statistics to calculate insurance risks and premiums. In layman terms, an actuary calculates insurance costs based risk factors in your background. Actuaries are important because they are able to make educated judgments to determine the risk of providing coverage.

The work of an actuary doesn’t stop at individual insurance plans. Actuaries act as the backbone of financial security for insurance companies, financial planners. Through their analytical work, actuaries are able to get companies to reduce risk and protect the company’s assets.

Required qualifications: Strong skills in mathematics and statistics. In addition, you must pass a series of test to demonstrate your knowledge.

Education: Bachelor’s degree in a mathematical field

Average actuary salary: $89,661

2. Agent and Broker

Agents and brokers advise individuals and organizations on how to protect their valuables with insurance contracts. Additionally, these professionals are commonly the first person contacted after an incident and have expertise knowledge.

Agents and brokers perform similar jobs. However, there are a few difference that may influence which position you pursue. An insurance agent represents one or more insurance companies. Brokers represent the insurance buyer. They solicit quotes or policies from insurers by submitting completed applications on behalf of buyers.

Required qualifications: A strong understanding of insurance contracts and effective communication skills are essential to perform this role. Besides, a background in business is helpful, but not required.

Education: High school diploma

Average insurance agent salary: $39,285
Average insurance broker salary: $61,829

3. Claim Adjusters

Of all our insurance positions listed, you may recognize claim adjusters the most. Adjusters negotiate insurance claims with people who have experienced a loss. The role of an adjuster is to reach a claim settlement that is fair to all parties. To do this, adjusters interview the claimant and witnesses, consult police and hospital records, and inspect property damage.

Adjuster skills include proficient analytical and mathematical skills, effective communication skills, medical knowledge, and software expertise.

Required qualifications: Breaking into this field is not difficult. However, you will need to start somewhere! Once in the field, there is great opportunity to handle a wide variety of claims including liability, commercial, residential, workers compensation, auto, catastrophe and many more.

Education: High school diploma

Average claim adjuster salary: $51,076

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4. Customer Service Representative

If you’re looking to start a career in insurance, then customer service roles are great insurance jobs to start at. As the bridge between a company and customers, you’ll need the knowledge to help solve basic customer issues. This role empowers you to learn the ropes of the industry, while also gain excellent consulting skills.

Required qualifications: Like many different types of insurance jobs, customer service representatives need great communication skills. Resilience and multi-tasking abilities are also valuable.

Education: High school diploma

Average customer service representative salary: $38,476

5. Underwriter

Underwriters word every day to help insurance customers protect their lives, property, and valuables. They do this by determining whether a person is eligible for policies based on customer risk. Common tasks involve looking through applications, customer businesses, data, reports, and other customer documentation.

Required qualifications: This type of insurance job requires candidates to have strong negotiation skills. This role also blends business expertise and technical know-how. Those with insurance knowledge and business aptitude will do best.

Education: Bachelor’s in business or mathematics field

Average underwriter salary: $58,509

Further Your Career with Great Insurance Jobs

The insurance field is booming! Because there are so many uncontrollable events in our lives, there will always be a need for insurance professionals. For example, nearly every state in the union has enacted mandatory car insurance liability laws insurance. Likewise, most landlords require tenants to buy renters insurance.

You’ve got a large range of jobs in insurance to choose from. There is a great opportunity for individuals to expand their skills, and make a difference for people in need. If you’re looking for great insurance companies to work for in Arizona, you’re in luck!

Check out some awesome jobs at these Arizona insurance companies hiring now:

Not sure where else to look? We’ve got some great resources to look for insurance jobs.

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