Your Two Weeks’ Notice Guide: How to Leave on Good Terms

how to put in your two weeks

So, you want to leave your job on good terms and make a smooth and respectful transition. Despite the stress that may come with submitting a two-week notice letter, there is a correct way to do so. And we are going to share how to put in a two-week notice to leave your job with respect and dignity.

Purpose of a Two Weeks’ Notice Letter

Although it may seem pointless, a two-week notice letter is a necessary formality.

The purpose of a two-week notice is to give your employer an advanced warning that you will be leaving. It also serves as an opportunity to make the transition from employee to former employee easier for everyone involved.

A written notification can help ensure no misunderstandings occur about when you plan on leaving. Likewise, a notice can inform your employer how much time they have to find a replacement.

So, unfortunately, this is not a step that you can skip or skimp on. But we have tips to ease the process.

How To Put in Your Two-Week Notice the Right Way

To leave on good terms, you should leave a two weeks’ notice letter. Even more, beyond this letter, you must also take a few more steps.

Have a Conversation With Your Boss

Schedule a meeting with your supervisor as soon as possible after deciding that you want to leave. This will allow them enough time to find a replacement, which will help ensure there is no gap in coverage.

At the meeting, put in your two-week notice letter and discuss how you plan to wrap up your projects and responsibilities. Make sure they understand any deadlines or timeframes you have before leaving for your next opportunity.

Even if you are not on the best terms with your boss, this conversation is important for ending your time at work with respect.

Write a Two-Week Notice Letter

First and foremost, your two-week notice should communicate that you will resign from the company on such date, effective immediately. Thank the employer for all of their support throughout your employment.

Inform them that you are currently transitioning tasks and projects before you leave. You should also mention that you are happy to assist them in finding a replacement.

Before you send the letter, edit the notice for tone and length. The notice should be professional, respectful, and concise.

After, send the notice via email or standard mail to your boss and your human resources department.

Let Coworkers Know You Are Leaving

Before you make your exit, inform your coworkers of your departure. This can be done through email or by speaking with them one-on-one if you feel comfortable doing so.

Thank everyone for all of their help and support during this process. Let them know how much you appreciated working with them and how they made your time at the company even better.

You can also communicate that you will be available to help out as much as possible before leaving for your next opportunity.

Plan Your Exit Strategy

Before you leave, make sure to plan an exit strategy. How can you wrap up any loose ends with no issues? Are there important projects that need to be completed before quitting? What kind of timeline are you on so they know how long it will take for the replacement candidate to start in their new role?

Your two weeks’ notice should also include how you plan on transitioning any work to the new employee. This may include documenting processes or creating tutorials on how to perform the functions of your role.

While this may seem like a tall task, planning your exit strategy will help make the transition seamless for your coworkers.

Leave Respectfully and Keep in Touch

Don’t burn bridges. It’s easy to get caught up if you’re angry with your employer or certain coworkers. Resist this urge. Leaving on a bad note could put future career opportunities in jeopardy.

Instead, before leaving, thank everyone who helped and supported you throughout your time with the company. Make sure you are connected on LinkedIn or have the personal emails of colleagues you want to keep in touch with.

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