Top 10 Core Values for Healthcare Companies

core values for healthcare companies

Core values set the foundation for a company’s culture and purpose. In the healthcare industry, a strong sense of personal and professional values are essential to success. Many healthcare professionals enter the healthcare industry in order to live out their core values. So, what are the core values of Arizona’s leading healthcare companies? Below, we have compiled the top 10 core values for healthcare companies in Arizona.

These core values are the driving force behind the actions and attitudes of healthcare companies. Furthermore, the top 10 core values of healthcare companies listed below further corporate success and cement an employee’s connection to their employer.  

Without further ado, here are the 10 top core values for healthcare companies in Arizona:

Dignity Health Arizona- Dignity

Though this core value is embedded in their name, Dignity Health is dedicated to honoring the inherent dignity of each individual. Employees are encouraged to treat others with dignity and honor the uniqueness of each person they work with. This includes co-workers and patients alike. A company that values dignity encourages employees to be proud of the work they do.

Phoenix Children’s Hospital- Impact

It takes a strong level of compassion and dedication to work in pediatric care. Healthcare companies that cater to children must employ caring, driven individuals, with the ability to make a lasting impact on a child and their family. At the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, leaving a positive impact on patients makes families feel comfortable and hopeful about the care their child is receiving.

Pinnacle Transplant Technologies- Personal Development

The healthcare industry is constantly changing. Thus, companies like Pinnacle Transplant Technologies are dedicated to helping their employees keep up. To do so, Pinnacle encourages employees to continue to learn and grow professionally and personally. Additionally, Pinnacle gives associates the tools to succeed and develop.

Translational Genomics Research Institute– Empowerment

Empowering both employees and patients is vital for success in the healthcare industry. Giving people a platform to be their best reaps positive results. Empowered employees are more engaged and excited about what they do. Empowering patients allocates a sense of control that is often lost in the healthcare industry, making patients feel more comfortable.

United Healthcare- Commitment to Clients

The healthcare industry is founded on client interactions. Without clients these companies would fail to exist, so a strong commitment to these interactions  is essential to the success of healthcare companies. Of this list of the top 10 core values for healthcare companies in Arizona, a commitment to clients is arguably the most important value. Industry professionals must be committed to a client’s needs and wants. Commitment to clients creates repeat customers and furthers brand awareness.

Mutual of Omaha- Family

Some of the most successful healthcare companies place family as one of their highest core values. For example, Mutual of Omaha is dedicated to supporting the families of their customers and employees alike. It is shown that a company that values family, values the structural, functional, and behavioral attributes that make each family unique.

Mayo Clinic- Healing

As with any healthcare company, healing is a foundational value. A commitment to healing means that the company is dedicated to more than just a patient’s treatment plan. Rather, the company is dedicated to a patient’s overall health and well-being. Healthcare providers like the Mayo Clinic are driven to provide hope and healing to every patient.

Medtronic- Integrity

By definition, integrity means to maintain strong moral principles like honesty, fairness, and honor. It is vital that healthcare companies establish trust between the company and its customers. To do so, companies like Medtronic are committed to the pursuit of integrity in all situations. A company founded on integrity values the importance of unconditional honesty no matter what.

Humana- Diversity

The healthcare industry works with, arguably, the most diverse customer base in the world. Healthcare companies must be highly diverse to match and meet the needs of their clientele. Humana is an example of a company that successfully implements the value of diversity. For example, employees are encouraged to take pride in the things that make them unique. Workplace diversity makes employees feel respected and proud of the place they work.

Aetna- Excellence

The pursuit of excellence should be valued by companies in every industry. At Aetna, the value of excellence is a priority. Healthcare employees must be dedicated to providing high-quality care. The services you provide are a direct reflection of your core values, and the demand for excellence creates a standard of work that employees must adhere to.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to implement these top 10 core values for healthcare companies at your own company, reach out to BestCompaniesAZ. We specialize in employer branding and consulting, and would love to help you become a values-oriented, award-winning employer.

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