October 15, 2018 BestCompaniesAZ

Tips For Interviewing at a Tech Company

With the economy picking up, many people are either finding themselves back in the job market or looking for better alternatives to their current employment. As a result, a lot of old resumes and rusty interviewing skills are being dusted off and prepared for a new round of applications and opportunities.

Technical jobs are on the rise and working at a tech company is an attractive career move for many. Since there are tremendous opportunities to obtain higher pay, great working conditions and comprehensive benefits, the tech industry has an influx of job seekers wanting to get their foot in the door.

If you’re stepping into the candidate pool and hoping to land a job at your favorite tech company, here are four tips for interviewing at a tech company.

Know About Their Business

When you interview for a company, you should spend time researching the company and learning everything you can about them before your appointment. For example, know who their biggest competitors are, check to see if they’ve been highlighted in the news for anything recently and know if they’ve made any changes in their C-suite lately.

You don’t have to know everything, but showing that you’ve taken the time to research a company communicates your interest and insures that you don’t waste the interviewers time.

Ask Questions

The more you want to know about the job you seek, the more likely your prospective employer will react positively. Demonstrating interest in future employment is the fastest way to get the attention of a hiring manager, even if there are numerous competing candidates. It’s no longer enough to just appear motivated. You have to actually be motivated in order to succeed.

Reduce the Clutter

If possible, condense your resume to one page. Give priority to your education, skills and experience. Put less emphasis on abstract things like objectives, extracurricular activities and expectations. By and large, most resumes are catalogued by machines long before they ever get to a person, so you want to make sure your document registers all the relevant keywords for the position you seek.

Keep it simple and short, and always remember resumes are like the back cover copy on a novel. Their only purpose is to get you to open the cover.

Eye Contact

Don’t fidget and don’t glance around the room when you are in a job interview. You should maintain eye contact as much as possible, because that will communicate to the interviewer you are engaged and interested.

It will also communicate the fact that you are actually listening to what they are saying. If you appear distracted, your counterparty is likely to lose interest. Pay attention and maintain eye contact at all times.

Tech companies can provide great careers for individuals looking to launch a meaningful career in a fast-paced industry. If you’re interested in working for a tech company in Arizona, take a look at opportunities at some of the best of them on our website.  Then, check out this guide featuring tech companies with the best company cultures in Phoenix.