How Technology in the Workplace Has Impacted Work

technology in the workplace
As the world gets more technologically advanced, one fact rings true – technology in the workplace is here to stay.

Just 30 years ago, the terms “remote work,” “Zoom meetings,” and “artificial intelligence” had not permeated the mainstream working culture. But, in today’s world, technology is interwoven into every industry, making using technology at work the “new normal,” according to the Society for Human Resource Management.

The impact of technology in the workplace is widespread. For example, technology affects how businesses communicate with clients, customers and employees.

From new hardware to new software, programs and machines, technology in the workplace gives employers more ways to do business.

Employers have these additional options due to a plethora of new types of technology in the workplace.

Types of Technology In the Workplace

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI and machine learning refer to a computer’s ability to learn and understand new things. Robots are one of the most common examples of this type of technology. Scientists design them with sophisticated AI and machine learning technology to learn new skills and tasks.

Business Software

Business software is another one of the more widespread types of technology in the workplace. This includes high-tech phone systems, such as those used in sophisticated call centers to improve speed and efficiency. Business software also includes CRMs or customer relationship management software. This software allows sales teams to collect and act on information from their leads.

Communication Technology

Communication technology that supports remote work, such as Google Hangouts, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams, is also one of the types of technology in the workplace has become increasingly common. This allows companies to have a distributed workforce with employees working from different parts of the country, and sometimes, the world.

Technology in The Workplace Statistics

Technology in the workplace statistics reveals trends toward technology-savvy jobs and remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Demand For Tech-Savvy Jobs

According to the Council on Foreign Relations, since the beginning of the 21st century, the number of U.S. jobs requiring high digital skill levels has jumped from 4% to 24% of total employment.

Additionally, almost two-thirds of the 13 million new jobs created in the United States in the last ten years require that the applicant has medium to advanced levels of digital skills.

Knowing how to operate technology is no longer a “plus” for U.S. job seekers. It’s a must.


2020’s COVID-19 pandemic also shines as an example of the impact of technology in the workplace.

According to Gallup’s technology in the workplace statistics, almost two-thirds of U.S. workers who were instructed to or chose to work remotely during the pandemic would prefer to continue doing so.

The prevalence of remote work in response to COVID-19 is normalizing the practice, even amongst more rigid, traditionally-structured companies.

Impacts of Technology In The Workplace

While some are concerned about technology replacing humans in the workplace, many experts agree that new technology in the workplace has many positive effects.

Increased Flexibility, Mobility and Enjoyability

One of the benefits of technology in the workplace is increased flexibility and mobility for workers. Business communication software allows workers to work from anywhere, giving them the option to spend more time at home with their families and to organize their day as they please.

Additionally, automated tasks in the workplace allow workers to focus on higher-level thinking tasks, making their jobs more interesting and engaging.

Increased Speed

Technology in the workplace also increases the speed with which businesses can deliver upon consumer needs. offers free two-day delivery, and at times, one-day delivery to Amazon Prime customers. This would be nearly impossible without technology, automation, and innovation. Amazon’s network of trucks, contractors, and warehouses use technology to communicate and deliver packages to customers across the nation.

With all of the benefits of technology in the workplace, some workers are concerned about the negative effects of technology in the workplace. Some fear a significant loss of jobs due to automation or decreased human connection due to increased reliance on machines.

Even with these concerns, many companies and lawmakers are working to ensure that technology in the workplace helps businesses, employees and the economy more than hurts them.

For example, accounting company Deloitte is empowering employees to set boundaries with technology at work and limit the pressure of being “always on.” Additionally, government agencies like OECD, the Office for Economic Cooperation and Development, create and recommend economic policies that can help displaced workers.


Though there is always a learning curve when companies adopt new technology in the workplace, many types of software allow for more efficient communication both internally and externally.

Workplace automation is another manifestation of the impact of technology in the workplace. Technology can eliminate tedious tasks by simplifying how they’re done, how they’re stored, or how they’re reported on. As more businesses embrace technology that helps automate repetitive tasks, the demand for workers who can navigate and efficiently work with technology continues to go up.

Training Options

Technology-driven training is another way technology is changing the way workplaces operate. Human resources professionals no longer have to carry the burden of organizing peer-to-peer training in every instance.

Thanks to technology that allows pre-recorded webinars, software that provides a portal to hold training information, and video conferencing software, employees can be trained in many different ways. This can lead to a more productive use of time.

Employers “Winning” with Technology In the Workplace

Employers continue to find new ways to improve their business and their employee’s lives thanks to technology. Whether it’s through remote work opportunities or new digital interview processes, technology helps businesses across the world succeed. Gain some inspiration with real-world examples of companies that use innovative technology to change lives.


Axon is intentional in the technology it chooses to support its teams, much like its innovation development. We’ve seen our choices help our employees navigate COVID-19 isolation and challenge to thrive. Like many tech companies, the technology to collaborate remotely was already in place. We moved to put in place quickly the right approach to long-term remote working. We re-examined our policies, how we train and support managers and employees for meetings and roadmaps, and brought on two additional health services for our employees and their families.

One of those is Ginger 24/7 mental health support, and the other one is a partnership with Weldon to open up parenting lessons and support. We’ve also worked together to produce content for our employees and community about staying mentally buoyant and what we’ve learned as managers. The actions we take together as a global team are more important than the messaging. We are proud of our resilience and ability to move swiftly into this new era.

Some people ask what our collaboration tech stack looks like, and we’re happy to share that we rely on: Zoom, Slack, and Quip.


MUFG is one of the world’s top financial groups. As an industry leader, MUFG recognizes the vital role that technology plays in industry growth. In the face of rapid transformation, MUFG remains resilient to support client innovation and change.

The culture at MUFG reflects the company’s desire to strive for excellence and improvement. Specifically, MUFG’s culture principles define the need for curiosity. Employees at MUFG use this curiosity to discover what the company will do next and how to do it better.

MUFG’s commitment to providing the best digital banking solutions has gained some much-deserved recognition. In 2019, American Banker’s Most Powerful Women in Banking list recognized the efforts of MUFG’s Bita Ardalan and Ranjana Clark. Both Ardalan and Clark have made great strides in MUFG’s growth by using technology and data-driven insights.


Workiva has always been at the forefront of delivering innovative, intuitive solutions that connect people and data and simplify complex work for its global customers. Workiva employees also benefit from this commitment to innovation. The Workiva platform makes it possible for employees around the world to seamlessly work with team members in a secure environment, regardless of location – which proved critical to success in 2020 as the company moved to 100% virtual work.

Workiva also utilizes technology to uphold its commitment to communication. Through one-on-one video meetings, all company livestreams, digital chat rooms, and our platform, Workiva teams stay connected and focused on achieving business goals and objectives.

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