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7 Fun Team Building Activities in Phoenix

Employee engagement is now a hot topic among HR professionals and employers for good reason. The majority of Millennial employees either feel actively or moderately disengaged from their work. Because Millennials now make up a large portion of the workforce, having an indifferent team of employees isn’t a risk companies can risk to take.

In addition to diversity and inclusion initiatives, team building activities are a stellar way to promote team bonding and encourage engagement. Check out these 7 team building activities in Phoenix for any corporate office or small business to enjoy!

Engage Employees With These Fun Team Building Activities in Phoenix

1. Feed My Starving Children 🍴

feed my starving children logo

Feed My Starving Children

If community service aligns with your company’s core values, then maybe team building activities in Phoenix that involve volunteering is the way to go. Feed My Starving Children promotes healthy team building, while supporting a global cause—fighting childhood malnutrition. You can sign up as a group and choose which role to take, depending on any physical limitations. Of course, a little friendly competition against other teams is included!

Learn more about group volunteering at Feed My Starving Children.

2. AZ Humane Society 🐕🐱

nextiva at humane society

Nextiva at the AZ Humane Society

Help out our local furry friends by hosting your next team building event at the AZ Humane Society! Group volunteers can choose from a number of initiatives, from socializing cats to making toys for dogs. This activity is especially satisfying for any employee who isn’t able to have a lovable pet at home.

Learn more about group volunteering at the AZ Humane Society.

3. Escape Room 🕵️‍♂️

escape room

Escape Room

Next up is the Escape Room! Although this activity is also popular for individual outings, you can bring the whole team or department to try out a few different rooms for your next outing. While other team building activities in Phoenix are a bit more independent, Escape Room depends on communication and team work to solve puzzles. Work together to solve problems in a fun, engaging setting!

Learn more about group events at an Escape Room in Phoenix:

4. Painting Party 🎨

painting class

Painting Class

If your team needs to exercise some creative muscles and relax outside the office, then a painting party is a great way to unwind. In addition, many painting bars also offer wine or other beverages to make for an extra festive event. With an instructor and clear instructions, even the most artistically challenged of the bunch will have a good time.

Learn more about group Painting Parties in Phoenix:

5. Main Event 🎉

Main Event

Main Event

This multifunctional event space offers a range of fun activities, from indoor mini golf to laser tag to rock climbing. They work with any budget and company size to create a custom package that your employees are sure to remember for years to come. Main Event also hosts corporate holiday parties, company meetings, and of course team building exercises!

Learn more about corporate events at Main Event.

6. Run or Walk a 5k 🏃‍♀️

5k team building

5k team building

When the long Phoenix summer is over, then a charity race is a great way to fund raise for a cause while keeping active. While there are tons of fun races around the valley, 5K races are achievable for even the least athletic members of your company. These races are short enough for anyone to walk, and give plenty of opportunity for conversation and fun.

Learn more about different 5Ks in Phoenix for a cause.

7. Indoor Kart Racing 🏎️

octane raceway

Octane Raceway

Let even your oldest employees harness their inner child in an adult-friendly environment. Team building activities at Octane Raceway include kart racing and Velocity VR. Employees will get to know each other through communication, setting goals, and celebrating successes in a fun atmosphere.

Learn more about team building at Octane Raceway in Scottsdale.

Other Ways to Boost Employee Engagement and Employer Branding

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