4 Innovative Examples of Sustainability in the Workplace

sustainability in the workplace
Sustainability in the workplace has been a pillar of corporate social responsibility or CSR for decades. The CSR trend began to rise in the early 1970s as consumers looked to businesses to give back to their communities. One of the core responsibilities expected of businesses was a responsibility to the environment in which they did business.

Today, sustainability in the workplace remains a crucial part of a business’s corporate responsibility. Not only does a sustainable business attract consumer support, but it also establishes an appealing employer brand. More employees, especially those in the Millennial generation, value a company dedicated to its social responsibility.

Ready to help your business go green? Check out these innovative real-world examples of sustainability in the workplace to inspire your own sustainability ideas!

4 Innovative Examples of Sustainability in the Workplace


As a leading provider of customer experience management solutions, KUBRA is dedicated to improving how companies serve their customers. In 2020, KUBRA took sustainability to a new level by announcing its Paperless Adoption Savings Calculator. With this easy-to-use calculator, companies can quickly visualize the cost savings and environmental impact of paperless adoption. According to Rick Watkin, President and CEO of KUBRA, the inspiration for this savings calculator came from a desire to encourage more companies to go green. “This new tool quickly quantifies the savings from paperless adoption and allows organizations to showcase their efforts towards green solutions,” said Watkin.


Founded on the values of service and charity, Farmers Insurance is passionate about being environmentally focused. For Farmers, sustainability in the workplace includes efforts to become a plastic-free enterprise. To achieve this goal, Farmers has dedicated itself to a variety of plastic-free initiatives. By eliminating the use of plastic straws and other utensils, Farmers was able to divert more than 22,00 pieces of plastic from landfills. Customers of Farmers can join in the effort to reduce waste thanks to the paperless payment options offered by Farmers.

Voya Financial

With a vision to become America’s Retirement Company, Voya Financial is dedicated to conducting business in environmentally and socially responsible ways. For Voya Financial, sustainability efforts at work include a responsibility to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. That’s why Voya Financial’s facility in Chandler, Arizona, launched in 2020, was designed with the environment in mind. Using state-of-the-art technology, Voya’s Chandler facility harnesses solar power to generate more than 663,000-kilowatt-hours of solar energy annually. Other eco-friendly highlights of Voya’s Chandler facility include daylight-harvesting systems to reduce the use of electric lighting and automatic heating and cooling systems.


CarMax takes a practical approach to sustainability at work by efforts for conserving energy and minimizing operational waste. To reduce its energy consumption, CarMax began investing in implementing building controls to optimize its use. In addition, CarMax invested in renewable energy generation by implementing solar panels on Texas and Arizona stores. During vehicle recondition, CarMax looks for every opportunity to reuse and recycle any and all waste, including used tires, battery cores, and even motor oil.

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By investing in a sustainable work culture, you also invest in how your brand is perceived by employees and job seekers. According to a survey conducted by Collective Responsibility, a majority of survey respondents felt community involvement through volunteerism enhanced a company’s brand value.

The best way to maintain a sustainable workplace culture is through a unique employer branding strategy. With a dedicated employer branding strategy, you can retain top-performing employees and attract high-quality industry talent.

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