July 13, 2016 BestCompaniesAZ

Suns and D-Backs: Great Leadership

Two of Arizona’s most respected leaders, Brad Casper of the Phoenix Suns and Derrick Hall of the Arizona Diamondbacks, are convinced of the positive impact of workplace culture. They shared some of their secrets with BestCompaniesAZ. Find out more in the BCAZ blog. This post is the first in the series.

BestCompaniesAZ: How do you think the employee experience effects the fan experience?

Derrick Hall: There is a definite and direct correlation. There are two groups of employees to consider here. First, our front office staff, who I encourage to be pioneering in ways to provide the best fan experience to our customers. Because they feel appreciated and motivated, they work tirelessly to create innovative programs that reflect our affordability, transparency, safety, wholesomeness and entertainment. The second group is our game day staff consisting of wonderfully passionate part-time employees. We can preach customer service until we are blue in the face, but we are not the ones tearing the tickets or pouring the sodas. Those are the folks I need to be happy and proud all of the time. They touch the lives of our fans and leave the first and last impressions of the overall experience. Because they love working for the D-Backs, they continue to take pride in their work and greet our fans with a smile and a willingness to assist.

Brad Casper: I remind people we are in the most human of industries; our product (entertainment) is human and the fans who consume it are among the most passionate of humans. We need to model the friendly, courteous standards we would expect if we arrived at a Disney theme park or a five star hotel. We are in the business of creating memories – let’s make as many of them positive and endearing as possible. That’s why I “work the house” during game nights. Hopefully my behaviors and attitude help establish a culture that pervades all we do.

A great workplace provides the soil for unleashing the greatness that lies within individuals. Our role as leaders is to create an environment where people can do their jobs as well as possible – with access to the information, tools, resources, and feedback that breeds a virtual cycle of success.

We at BestCompaniesAZ believe that it doesn’t matter what field you’re in, to make loyal, happy fans of your customers, you first have to make loyal, happy fans of your employees. Creating a great workplace is the winning strategy of best companies.

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