Summer Interview Outfits to Outsmart the Desert Heat

summer interview outfits

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The time has finally come when companies are loosening dress codes left and right! Casual dress is no longer only left to trendy tech companies with renowned cultures. Large corporations are continuously reforming their dress codes to appeal to younger generations and a shifting attitude. Goldman Sachs is one such example recently that ditched the rigid dress code in favor of a more flexible option.

Yet despite how relaxed and hip the new workplace is becoming, job interviews still call for a certain level of formality. Unfortunately, dressing formally usually means lots of layers and thicker, fitted materials. In the Arizona summers of Tucson and Phoenix, especially, dressing professionally for an interview while outsmarting the heat can be a challenge.

Dress cool and feel cool with these tips for summer interview outfits for the desert heat!

General Summer Interview Dress Tips for All

summer interview outfits

Research the company’s dress code

Your most important guideline for what summer interview outfits to wear is the company itself! Many companies have social media profiles dedicated to highlighting work culture for potential candidates. Additionally, online resources like Glassdoor and forums contain a goldmine of information. Candid images of actual employees and their insight will give an insider look to the dress expectations and culture of each company. GoDaddy’s Instagram (@godaddylife) is a great example. Is everyone is t-shirts and jeans or blazers and slacks?

Because much of Arizona is hot throughout the year, you’re sure to find summer-specific dress code information. Of course, another natural place to check out is the company’s dress code itself, if shared online.

summer interview outfits women
Women’s summer interview outfit

Consider the position in question

The level of the position you’re applying for will determine how formal you should dress for the interview. Even if it’s 100+ degrees outside, an executive-level candidate should still expect to dress the part with a well-tailored suit.

Choose cotton or wool materials

Not all business wear is made equal! Many people may not realize that regardless of whether a dress shirt is long- or short-sleeve, the material is what makes a difference. Cotton and wool clothing for button-ups, blouses, and blazers are the way to go. Although linen is also a great cool summer option, it wrinkles easily and isn’t the best look for a well-polished interviewee.

A general good rule of thumb is to stay away from synthetic materials, such as polyester, acrylic, and vinyl. Even if your synthetic interview outfit makes you look like the future employee of the year, you won’t make it two steps from your car in the sizzling summer heat without a sweat.

summer interview outfits men
Men’s summer interview outfit

Be versatile for both indoors and outdoors.

The curious thing about summer in the Arizona desert is that indoor temperatures move in the opposite direction. In other words, many indoor offices will crank up the A/C to make up for the soaring temps outside. Dressing with layers can make the transition much easier and ensure you’re comfortable throughout the interview process. If you’re opting for a blazer, don’t put it on until after you get inside. Women who get easily cold, may want to go with airy trousers over a skirt to survive the A/C.

Pro tip: Don’t sweat the possibility of sweat, and use underarm shields to absorb perspiration. You can easily buy them for a few dollars and no one will ever know what trick you have up your sleeve.

Avoid the pet peeves, no matter how hot.

Regardless of the state, season, or company, there are still some pretty standard rules on what to wear to an interview. For example, avoid revealing skin above the knees, cleavage, or toes. Mainly, ensure you look well-groomed and clean to communicate that you’re put together.

Get ready to sound as good as you look!

Once you’ve nailed your prime interview look, you’re ready to prep for the talking part. BestCompaniesAZ has tons of resources for an Arizona job hunt, including helping you prep for interviewing at a tech company, talk about diversity, and more. Explore some of the state’s best companies to work for on BestCompaniesAZ.

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