Revolutionary Technology for Animal Pest Control

SenesTech Company Profile

3140 N. Caden Court
Suite 1
Flagstaff, AZ 86004
29 Employees


About SenesTech

Founded by two scientists with a deep love for animals, SenesTech is a biotech platform and research company that has developed an innovative technology for managing animal populations by fertility control. We develop non-lethal treatments that have the potential to be more effective, more humane, and less invasive to the environment than traditional management methods.

SenesTech Mission

SenesTech aims to provide for the more humane treatment of animals, to improve the quality of human life, and to enhance environmental stewardship through global application of our animal fertility control technology. To that end, we are currently applying our revolutionary technology to the control of rats in urban and agricultural settings.

Managing animal populations humanely and effectively by targeting the key issue: reproduction.

The team at SenesTech believes their newly approved product ContraPest, could be the first meaningful advance in the fight against rats in a hundred years, and the first viable alternative to poison. This innovative team has developed a non-lethal bait that renders rats infertile. CEO Loretta Mayer was blunt about the implications: “This will change the world.”

Working at SenesTech

Face time isn’t as important as getting the job done, so employees are able to build balance. Flexible schedules and on-site activities like yoga, hula-hooping and ping pong help keep the environment fun. “Our focus is on you as a person. We’re about understanding and supporting employees”, says Ali Applin, Vice President of Business Development.

In this fast-paced, exciting culture, opportunities for growth and development are expansive. New skills are acquired hands-on from meeting new challenges, as well as from training and formal education.

Since the company was founded on love of animals, it’s no wonder that the office is a pet friendly workplace. Nine dogs, one bunny, and two monitor lizards enjoy the office. Their job is to lower stress.

The co-founders, Dr. Loretta Mayer and Dr. Cheryl Dyer have always made it a priority to celebrate achievements both small and large by thanking staff for their efforts to having monthly potlucks where stand out work is recognized.

This Will Change the World

SenesTech employees do have the chance to change the world in an innovative way. It’s a powerful motivation for this engaged, collaborative group of scientists and technicians who are also animal lovers. Internally, their enthusiasm has created a culture that one employee described as “a breath of fresh air”.

Their research is meticulous, based on hard science, and they once received an endorsement from Stephen Hawking, who featured them on his documentary mini-series Brave New World.

The rigorous practices of a research lab do not imply a rigid work culture. Flexibility and openness are hallmarks of working at SenesTech. As a relatively small company, people wear different hats, learn different functions, and stash their egos before they enter the room.


Co-founders Dr. Loretta Mayer, CEO, Dr. Cheryl Dyer, CRO, and 70% of the company overall are female. In addition, SenesTech is known for age diversity. Both are unusual in tech, and results in an inclusive environment where different perspectives are shared. The co-founders promote a culture of growing talent and actively solicit ideas from everyone in the company.

Dr. Loretta Mayer, CEO

“I am a simple scientist. I just want to feed the world, and stop using poison and killing animals.” (@ratdoc)