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With a Focus on Helping Advisors Find and Retain Talent to Maintain a Competitive Edge, Schwab Adds Actionable Resources to RIA Talent Advantage Program

charles schwabBOSTON — As part of its continuing effort to help independent registered investment advisors (RIAs) attract and retain the talent they’ll need to navigate industry changes on the horizon and build thriving firms that will successfully serve a new kind of investor, Schwab Advisor Services announced today the availability of the RIA Talent Advantage™ Recruitment Playbook. The comprehensive resource was unveiled today and offered to advisors at a pre-conference session focused on women advisors at IMPACT®2015, the largest and longest-running conference of its kind for RIAs. The Playbook is the latest resource made available to advisors as part of the RIA Talent Advantage™ program, which was developed by Schwab to provide advisors with tangible, actionable insights and solutions to help them meet the evolving needs of investors.

The Playbook includes numerous tools, tips and examples to help advisors through the four key phases of the recruitment process: getting started, sourcing and screening, interviewing and selecting, and onboarding and retention.

“Industry and investor trends already taking place point to a future where RIAs must evolve to keep up with emerging client needs and forces of change,” said Neesha Hathi, senior vice president and head of technology solutions for Schwab Advisor Services, and co-lead of Schwab’s RIA Talent Advantage program. “For today’s RIA firms, implementing a talent strategy designed to address these changes will be crucial to staying competitive.”

The Playbook is the latest addition to a growing set of actionable resources that comprise Schwab Advisor Services’ RIA Talent Advantage™ program. With an initial focus on bringing more women into the RIA profession, the program debuted at IMPACT 2014 and has since expanded to include cultivating more ethnic and generational diversity.

Since its inception, the program has developed and delivered a number of initiatives. Highlights include:

  • “Careers in the RIA Industry”, a customizable presentation designed to help advisors tell the story of what an RIA is and why the work they do is so important. The templated PowerPoint presentation is designed to help advisors in their recruiting efforts and to drive awareness of the RIA profession within their community and professional networks. The presentation is currently being used in pilot through December 2015 with plans to be broadly available to advisors in 2016.
  • In September 2015, Schwab hosted a one-hour Sponsorship Webcast in partnership with the Center for Talent Innovationi and featuring three RIA panelists. Participants discussed professional relationships that support employee development and focused on how to build high impact sponsorship relationships with a focus on tactics and roadmaps to develop a personal action plan. Schwab plans to provide a similar session in 2016.
  • Schwab hosted three regional roundtable events for women RIAs in 2015 where nearly 30 advisors shared firsthand experience and best practices related to recruiting and retaining talent in their firms.
  • IMPACT 2015 will include a robust line-up of talent and diversity-related content, including four ‘women’-focused ed sessions and seven “talent”-focused ed sessions, including the November 10 preconference session with Peggy Klaus, Branding your best asset: You!

“We know that developing a strategic approach to talent is top of mind for advisors and we developed our RIA Talent Advantage Program to provide actionable guidance to help RIA firms capture opportunities and thrive into the future,” said Mary Rosai, senior vice president and head of marketing for Advisor Services, and co-lead of RIA Talent Advantage. “As the investor profile shifts, more firms seek to hire, develop and retain the right talent to serve the needs of evolving clients. We are proud to support RIAs in their effort by offering insight and resources that can be put into action today to help position them for success tomorrow.”

About the Schwab Advisor Services RIA Talent Advantage™ Program
The RIA Talent Advantage program helps advisory firms prepare for the future by helping to enhance their ability to attract, develop and retain diverse talent and to serve their evolving investor. The program focuses on three key areas of best practice:

  • Building an inclusive culture: Support advisors in creating a work environment that allows all talent to flourish and which cultivates relationships with gender, cultural and generationally-diverse client prospects.
  • Cultivating internal talent: Developing promising future leaders—particularly women and minorities—and helping all employees understand how to serve a unique client base.
  • Identifying and attracting new perspectives: Recruiting talent with greater diversity to successfully and profitably serve current and future investors.

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