October 8, 2018 BestCompaniesAZ

Sales and Marketing Interview Tips

Interviews for sales and marketing positions are challenging. You must prove your understanding of the field and market yourself to your prospective employer. If you’ve got one coming up, here are some sales and marketing interview tips to help you through the process.

Do Your Research

You should know as much about how the company markets itself, and its sales process, as possible when you walk into the room. There’s a good chance they’ll ask you questions about it.

Do Brand Yourself

Developing a personal brand online shows that you can market and sell yourself as much as any product or service. It also gives you practical experience you can talk about during the interview.

Do Bring Your Resume and References

Always bring at least one copy of your resume and references to the interview. Yes, the interviewer should already have them, but sometimes they won’t. Make sure the references can attest that you play well with others and are comfortable with working in teams.

Dress the Part

Try to gear your outfit to the company’s in-house standards if you can get a sense of it ahead of time. If not, default to business standard. It’s better to be a little overdressed than underdressed!

Offer an Idea

You should walk into the interview with an idea for improving the company’s sales or marketing processes. It helps prove that you understand the company’s brand and spent time preparing for your interview.

Do Play the Numbers

If you can show that a marketing or sales effort you led had a measurable impact on the bottom line for a business, do it. Words are nice, but quantitave results are golden.

Do Send a Thank You

Follow through is at the core of marketing and sales. A thank you note proves that you understand the importance of this concept, and shows gratitude to your interviewer for taking the time to talk with you..

Think Before You Answer

Answering too fast could make it look like you aren’t really considering the questions. It can also make you skip important details. Take a moment to think about the question, make sure you understand what the interviewer is asking, and then answer clearly and concisely.

Don’t Ask Off-Topic Questions

You should go into an interview with at least one prepared question. This shows interest in the company and the interviewer, which is important. Even more, make sure the questions you ask follow the line of conversation. If it’s off-topic, you waste an opportunity to glean important information and you wasting people’s time.

Don’t Overplay the Cool

Interviews are sales pitches. Acting like you’re as calm as a Zen master can come off as a lack of interest. You must sell them on the idea that you’re excited – in a grown-up way – about getting the job.

Don’t Lie

This cannot be overstated. Do not lie. Everyone massages their resume to show themselves in the best light, but getting caught in a lie will instantly torpedo any chance of landing the job you’re interviewing for.

If your interview doesn’t land you the job, make a point to ask for feedback. It’s easy to assume you screwed up the interview, but it’s just as likely you lost to a candidate with more experience. If you did make mistakes, knowing about them prepares you to do better in the next interview.

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