Whether you are looking to make 3 or 3000 new hires this year or you are looking to develop and promote your best employees; Reveal can help you achieve your goals. A great employee experience leads to a greater customer experience and increased profitability. Reveal takes a significant talent optimization burden off the shoulders of hiring managers, helping them fill positions with competency-based assessments. This enables you to build the strongest possible team in the most elegant and sophisticated way possible. 

The Big Picture

Reveal provides an affordable, reliable and easy-to-use assessment application which measures job fit enabling companies to bring science into their hiring decisions. Accurate job fit is accomplished by predicting job performance with proven validity and reliability measures, which not all assessments deliver. 

It’s impossible to predict with any certainty how well a new hire will perform in their given role, or for how long; employee loyalty these days is generally to their career, not a company. Still, with a clearer picture of who a candidate is as a whole before making an offer, you’ll have a better overall idea of what their job performance may be like; if they fit the job, if they will like it, and if they will want to stay and work for you long-term. Competency-based assessments of candidates can make hiring decisions easier, but fewer companies than you think have the capability or time to do this on their own.

Reveal provides confidence in the hiring and talent management process of numerous job functions in a variety of industries, including broadcast communications, finance, insurance, retail, healthcare, construction, manufacturing, academia, call centers, and more. 

Hiring competency results

Test Reveal on Your Next Potential Hires

Reveal takes the guesswork out of the hiring and talent management process. The Reveal report is job specific, providing proven indicators of a candidate’s likelihood for success, relative to what is needed for success in any given role.

Assessing human potential has never been so simple, efficient, and illuminating – The results speak for themselves. Connect with Linda today to see the power of Reveal!

Client Testimonials

Tim Mollner, HR Coordinator, Hawkins Construction Company

“It’s no surprise to hear that it’s a race to offer top candidates a position in today’s market. Reveal has been extremely easy to use and the instant results have helped to speed up the hiring process on our end. With Reveal, our recruiters have the ability to offer more candidates an opportunity to complete an assessment which helps to achieve our goal of having a larger candidate pool. It has been very helpful to see the individual scores for each category with the Reveal report too.”

Steve Rupp, President,
SRKO Commercial Builders

“I loved the Reveal assessment tool. It was simple to set up, easy to invite our candidates to, and the report I received couldn’t have been easier to review. In fact, I am happy to say that I made a hire today based on the additional information I received from the candidate’s completed assessment. It validated and highlighted their strengths, which gave me complete confidence to offer them the job. Thank you!”

Theresa Wilcox, CFO,
F & C Bank

“We have used Reveal frequently with any potential candidates that apply for our job openings. We use what we learn from the assessment, as a tool to help us with additional interview questions or to make our final selections. We think the assessment is ‘spot-on’ and highlights the true colors of the candidate.”

Anila Joy, Head of Technology, Leading US Insurance Provider

“The Reveal app was easy and intuitive to use. As a hiring manager, you can easily create positions for hire and track candidates for fit by reviewing their assessments.”

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