3 Best Technologies for Remote Team Building Activities

remote team building activities
Between 2005 and 2017, the remote work trend increased by 159% in the United States alone. As we deal with the impact of COVID-19 on the workplace, remote work has become even more prominent.

Companies like Twitter have stated that their employees are free to work remotely ‘forever.’ Some organizations have even started hosting virtual career fairs to attract candidates.

Suffice it to say, the trend of remote work is here to stay. Thus, companies with experience with remote schedules or brand new to remote work need new ways to adapt.

An important part of how a company operates, be it remotely or not, is through employee engagement. Many companies with high employee engagement also experience easier hiring, better customer service, and lower turnover rates.

So, how can a company keep employee engagement a priority when its employees are working remotely? A great way to boost how you engage with employees is through various team-building activities.

Thanks to the innovation of our modern technology, there are numerous ways a company can engage its employees without making it into a chore.

Keep reading to learn about three remote team building activities and tech tools you can use to uniquely engage with your employees.

Best Technologies For Remote Team Building Activities

Online Quiz Platforms

A traditional office icebreaker is a trivia quiz. While this might seem like an easy way to distract your employees, there are structured ways you can do it in a remote environment.

Use tools like Water Cooler Trivia to spice up an employee’s break and learn more about their interests outside of work. After creating your group, you can choose the trivia category you get and how hard the questions are. You get a customized quiz sent to you once a week that only takes two minutes to complete.

Another similar tool is QuizBreaker, which allows you to customize how often you receive quizzes and how long they are. Plus, this tool lets employees take a crack at guessing who said what on a quiz. By making a game out of learning about your employees, you can turn remote team building activities into something employees look forward to.

Employee Recognition Programs

Finding the right way to recognize the efforts of your employees can help boost overall morale. In a remote environment, you may feel your options are limited to a morning meeting shoutout. However, there are ways you can integrate how you recognize employees into your daily activities.

Kazoo is an employee experience platform that aims to streamline how your company communicates without losing the fun. One of the solutions Kazoo offers is an Employee Recognition and Rewards tool. This tool allows you to weave in continuous ways for employees to recognize one another. Plus, Kazoo also gives you some key insights into how your employees collaborate. You can easily see what motivates employees in collaboration and performance as well as how recognition drives your employees.

Remote Meeting Collaboration Tools

In any work environment, meetings are a necessity—the remote office is no different. Normally, an average employee might attend around 62 meetings a month; 31 hours spent in those meetings were considered unproductive by those surveyed by Atlassian.

Whether it is a meeting to touch base or a virtual coffee klatsch, you want to keep your employees engaged throughout remote team building activities.

A great meeting app tool that engages your audience is Klaxoon. Images and text are easily shared live with the entire team through the Klaxoon meeting app. Additionally, you can kick meetings off by posing a question to your team. When they answer through their apps, Klaxoon creates a live word cloud that shows what response has the most likes.

Klaxoon also comes with other features, such as live surveys and polls, that give your employees many ways to participate and have their voice heard throughout a meeting.

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