How to Make a Good First Impression During a Remote Interview

Remote interviews don’t have to be difficult. BestCompaniesAZ compiled these tips on making your next remote interview process successful.

Many job-seekers find interviewing to be the most challenging part of finding employment. And in this day and age, this intimidating part of the job search process has found its way into our homes. Remote interview platforms like Zoom and Google Meet have become the new norm, but that doesn’t mean the process is any less daunting. In fact, some might say virtual interviews are even more challenging than in-person ones.

There are a few key things to keep in mind when preparing for a remote interview that will help you make a good first impression. Although you can’t do some things while video interviewing that would normally make a good impression, like shaking their hand, there are many ways to impress your potential boss.

Here are some tips on how to make a good first impression during a remote interview.

Surviving a Remote Interview With Flying Colors

The best way to make a good impression during a remote interview is to be your best self, just as you would in any other type of meeting. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

Dress the part

Just because you’re interviewing from home doesn’t mean you should show up in your pajamas. Dressing the part will help you feel more confident and polished, even if your interviewer can’t see you from the waist down.

Be on time

This one is a no-brainer. Being on time, or even better, early to a remote interview shows that you are a professional and respect the interviewer’s time.

Test your technology

Before your interview, make sure your internet connection is strong enough to support video chatting and that your webcam and microphone are working properly. There’s nothing worse than having technical difficulties during an interview, so it’s best to be prepared.

Find a quiet place

Choose a spot in your home that has minimal background noise and good lighting. You want the interviewer to be able to see and hear you clearly, without any distractions.


Just like in an in-person interview, smiling is important! It makes you appear more approachable and open and helps put the interviewer at ease.

Make eye contact

This is one of the most important things to do during any type of interview, but it can be especially challenging on a video call. Try to look into the webcam rather than at your own image on the screen to make sure you’re making virtual eye contact.

Listen carefully

Make sure you’re really listening to the interviewer and not just waiting for your turn to speak. Remote interviews can be more challenging in this regard since you can’t pick up on nonverbal cues as easily. Pay attention to what the interviewer is saying, and ask clarifying questions if needed.

Ask your own questions

At the end of the interview, be sure to have a few questions of your own prepared. This shows that you’re truly interested in the role, and it gives you an opportunity to learn more about the company and its expectations.

Virtual interviews can be nerve-wracking, but if you prepare ahead of time and go into the meeting with confidence, it will feel more fun and conversational than you might expect.

What To Do After The Interview

Once the interview is over, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances of getting the job.

First, send a thank-you email to the interviewer within 24 hours. This shows that you’re grateful for their time and that you’re still interested in the position.

Next, follow up with any additional information they might have asked for, such as a writing sample or a list of references.

Finally, stay positive and confident throughout the entire process. The job may not be yours, but by following these tips you’ve made a great impression and increased your chances of getting hired.

These nuggets of wisdom are sure to help you make a good impression during the remote interview process. Just remember to be yourself, and don’t let the nerves get the best of you. With a little preparation, you’ll do just fine.

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