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Remarkable Health

825 E. Warner Rd.
Building C-100
Chandler, AZ 85225

50 employees

remarkable health

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About Remarkable Health

Remarkable Health is the leading Provider Success Software Company focused on the behavioral health and human services industries. We passionately focus on providing behavioral health, substance abuse and human service organizations the tools they need to provide remarkable client experiences. We offer a purpose-built, integrated platform consisting of Electronic Health Record (EHR)—Clinical, Billing, Scheduling, Reporting, Medication Management and Primary Care Integration—for inpatient, outpatient, and residential facilities.

Our Mission

At Remarkable Health our mission is to eliminate the obstacles and friction that prevent people from doing what they are meant to do. It is our belief that people do remarkable things when they are empowered to follow their life’s calling. In a world where healthcare is in a state of flux, and providers face more and more pressure to focus on using software, we work to provide solutions that return their focus to the clients by reducing screen time and increasing face time. We empower our users to provide help to those suffering from mental illness or addiction and see it as a personal goal to be part of the success of the lives impacted by our users.

Our Core Values

Our team has dedicated themselves to following four core values that inspire and support our ability to deliver on our mission every day.

Our History & Our Future

For the last 25 years Remarkable Health has been providing Practice Management and EHR software to behavioral and mental health facilities on a small scale. In July of 2015, Peter Flick and a group of technology investors acquired Remarkable Health (fka ClaimTrak) with the goal of taking an already successful business, and scaling it to a much larger level, as well as developing a passionate culture around mental health advocacy and thought leadership in the behavioral health industry.

Our Culture

At Remarkable Health we focus on creating a culture of positivity, purpose, accountability and embrace change to create remarkable experiences. Our roots are deep within the Behavioral Health industry but the entrepreneurial spirit is contagious, making the office vibe fresh and new. The fast pace environment, growth opportunities and collective mission makes the energy around here feel like a start-up. And trust us, there is a lot of energy! We focus on team collaboration and open communication which allows us to continue to grow quickly and promote organization-wide success. Our employees come from a variety of backgrounds, but we have all united in a common goal to provide behavioral health organizations with a technology platform that enables them to spend more time in front of clients, and less time in front of a computer screen.

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Working at Remarkable Health

The people are everything. We are a talented group of hardworking technology geeks, mental health advocates, and all around fun loving people that have dedicated ourselves to our core mission and values. Here you’ll get a number of opportunities to step outside your comfort zone and become a part of something bigger than yourself. The best part – we have awesome co-workers that support each other every step of the way.

It’s not all work and no play. Whether it’s our annual holiday party, a pick-up game of corn hole, a random Friday dip-making contest, or a local advocacy walk, we enjoy our time together.

Don’t just take our word for it; hear from our employees:

“Remarkable Health is a fast growing company that offers a very positive work environment that encourages teamwork while playing to your individual strengths.”

“The mission is unique! At its core Remarkable Health is a company focused on helping the Behavioral Health industry evolve and remove barriers through the use of technology. This value has seeped into the culture of the organization. We want to help people be remarkable; this includes our customers, their clients and the co-workers we work with on a daily basis.”

“In an industry dominated by men, Remarkable Health has challenged the norm. It is so cool to see the large number of women working here. Not just talented women, but strong women in numerous leadership roles throughout every department of the company.”

“Remarkable Health values its employees, and I’m extremely proud to say I work at Remarkable Health. I work with extremely motivated individuals, everyone works as a team. We have complete upper management support and transparency which is rare in a lot of places. Great place to work!”


Plain and simple, we do what we do because we admire the heck out of our customers and the work that they do. But, we don’t just want to make a difference with our technology. That’s why we have partnered with multiple organizations to become active advocates for our customers and the people that they serve. The most recent addition to our advocacy efforts is a company-wide Service Day each quarter where we dedicate a full day of service to an organization in need.

#hopehelpsheal – Another advocacy effort we have been working diligently on is suicide awareness and prevention. Our partner and world-renowned motivational speaker, Kevin Hines, has been developing a documentary film focused on the devastating effects of suicide and the tremendous positive ripple effects of advocacy, inspiration, and hope that are helping millions heal and stay alive. With Kevin, we are honored to co-executive produce this documentary and its cause.