June 26, 2017 BestCompaniesAZ

Providing Purpose & Inspiration: The Best Companies for Millennials

What exactly makes an employer one of the best companies for millennials to land their career?

While everyone wants to work in a great company, millennials have their own take on the concept. Our BestCompaniesAZ team noticed these common patterns in the companies millennials covet most.

  • Millennials want to work for a purpose that inspires them. A paycheck is not enough, nor is creating value for shareholders. Changing the world for the better is not too much to ask for this group, and they want their employers to help them make it happen.
  • Millennials want their companies to make a difference in their communities. Social responsibility is not optional or incidental; it helps drive career decisions.
  • Millennials want learning and development to be baked into their careers. Training is no longer icing, it’s part of the main course.

BestCompaniesAZ identified the following 100 Best Arizona Companies that have special millennial appeal: Camden Property Trust, Direct Energy, Ryan, GoDaddy, Hyatt Regency Phoenix, Infusionsoft, Progrexion, Quicken Loans, USAA and Workiva. Get to know four of them below.

Best Companies For Millennials

Camden Property Trust

best companies for millennialsOne Phoenix-area employee states, “This is not my company. This is my family.” By hiring friendly, service-oriented people who take pride in their work, Camden has created an environment that seems more like a group of friends than a corporation.

The perks are amazing. A $20 per night vacation rental program, a 20% rent discount for those living in Camden communities, and a 100% 401(k) match all appeal to millennials.

The educational opportunities at Camden make the company exceptionally millennial-friendly. An educational assistance program provides $4500 per year in tuition. In addition, Camden partners with Dale Carnegie to offer in-depth management training for all managerial employees and those looking to progress into a management position. These courses include the skills so critical to leadership success, such as building trust, credibility and respect within a team, enhancing communication and coaching employees.


best companies for millennialsWith a commitment to trust and transparency, employees work together so that all have a voice. GoDaddy’s Auguste Goldman stated, “we know when our workforce has ownership, we collectively shape our culture and create uncommon outcomes for both our employees and our customers.”  

GoDaddy’s Exceptional Teams program is a great example of how voices are heard and amplified. In the Exceptional Teams workshop, a group of internal employees facilitates a discussion with teams on “what can we do together that we couldn’t achieve on our own?” This workshop combines expert advice, tools, techniques and team commitments to improve collaboration and relationships.

A dedication to diversity and inclusion, cool workspaces, and strong community involvement round out the appeal GoDaddy has for millennials. The epic annual party? Delicious icing!


best companies for millennialsThe combination of a respectful supervisor and top-notch training opportunities is a strong formula for career growth. A whopping 96% of Progrexion’s millennial employees feel respected by their supervisors, and a large percentage are also extremely happy with the training and development opportunities they receive. So, with a diverse mix of people enjoying these advantages, Progrexion is attracting many millennials.

Progrexion’s mission involves improving customers’ lives through credit repair, a purpose employees find relatable as well as inspiring. In addition to good management, training, and a higher purpose, Progrexion offers many opportunities for employees to be involved and enhance the community, such as their work with St. Mary’s Food Bank.


best companies for millennialsWith a majority of its workforce falling into the millennial age range, Workiva creates an extra level of care for employees by encouraging them to freely share ideas and opinions. This leads to innovation, greater job satisfaction and also higher employee retention. Workiva, a leading provider of solutions for enterprise productivity, created Wdesk. It’s a collaborative work management platform that brings the consumer experience to the workplace. Employees always have access to the latest technology to do their jobs well, from wherever they work best.

“At Workiva, we offer Millennials the same technology features at work that they use at home: speed, access, and sharing,” said Matt Rizai, Workiva Chairman and CEO. 

Workiva has also established a results-driven culture that empowers employees to take ownership of their work by using the Human Asset Management philosophy to guide employee management rather than traditional HR.  This approach ensures that action and programs are not driven from the top, but rather from employees. The Human Asset Management approach encourages employees to voice their opinions and suggestions. Company initiatives and policy changes come directly from the employees. These initiatives created a Diversity and Inclusion committee, parental leave, and numerous company-wide sustainability initiatives. Every millennial and entrepreneurial-minded employee can appreciate this true luxury.

So, what do you want from your employer? If you’re unfulfilled in your current career, take a look at what some of the Best Companies in Arizona offer!